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stroke relapse

My 59 yr old husband had a severe stroke 7months ago.  He had instense rehab for 5 weeks, then sub acute for 4.  Came home and was progressing very well.  Just recently, he started saying he didn't feel right.  After a week, of this coming and going, we went to emergency.  They found nothing wrong.  No new stroke, no high blood pressure...nothing.  He did and still complains of his right leg, which the right side has tremendous paralysis, felf very heavy.  Today, after coming home, it is as if he has regressed to when he first came home 4 months ago.  
He feels horrible because he knows he is back where we started from.
I am beside myself and broken hearted to see this place again.

Is it normal to regress so much?

Thanks for any insights.

Debbie G
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I don't know the answer. I can share with you that my aunt had a stroke, She lost her speech, swallowing, and right side strength. She got her speech and swallowing back. She did have terrible agitation and confusion a few times per week. They had to try two different medications. Risperidone on a very low dose. It did not quite work. Then Depakote. After 7 days on Depakote it affected  her swallowing much worse than when she  had her stroke. But she could have just has a stroke relapse. They took her off the Depakote to see if the swallowing would come back and it has not (been off it for 9 days). CAT scans did not show a new stroke, either. Very unsure if it was this medicine (the internet did say it can cause glossitis and dysphagia in less than one percent of females over 60 years old). There is also something called vascular dementia after a stroke that can contribute more problems. I understand the people who have written in where they have been helping and supporting someone and then things take a turn for the worse. My heart goes out to you as I know what it feels like. You have done the best you can by just being there and staying informed.
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