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treadmill therapy

i have paralysis on my right side---i can walk with a hemi-walker.
i would like to try using the treadmill.  i don't know if not being able to use my right arm would prevent that.
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My 49 year old brother had a massive left hemisphere stroke last August, leaving him paralyzed on the right side and he has made great progress with various modes of walking therapy.  He now walks without any aids, albeit slowly and with difficulty.  He does walk on a treadmill as part of his therapy and studies are showing that it's excellent for improving the gait to a more normal pattern. However, you must be good and solid on your feet, with good balance, and be able to support yourself with your left hand.  Do NOT attempt it alone and go very, very slowly.  Also, if you're doing it in a therapeutic setting, which I recommend you do, they have body harnesses that will hold you up while your legs do the work on the treadmill.  Not having use of your right arm will not prevent you from treadmill walking - just be careful how you approach it and get the guidance of a good physiotherapist.  Good luck and keep working!
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i used tradmills near daily before my precious stroke.  what you say makes sense.
i appreciate your letter.
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I have been using a treadmill as part of my rehab since quite early on.  I started at 0.8km/h (?0.5mph) for ~10 mins & now nearly a year later I can do 2.6km/h for 20 mins (not sure re mph).  I use it for gait training not fitness (not trying to raise my heart rate), I think I walk my best on the treadmill.

Follow the precautions that hyacinthbucket mentions, additionally wear the emergency stop clip so that it will stop if you have a fall.


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