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Winter in Australia is cold.....

Well, got my flu shot the other day. Contains the everyday flu and the Swine flu vaccine as well. Whilst I had a bit of a sore arm for a day or two, no other adverse reactions. Last year, I felt crud for a few days. Now my friend finally was convinced by me, to go get his shot. He travels the world for work regularly, so he needs the protection! He was miserable. Achey, pains, runny nose, fever....just like I was last year. Thing I see is; my body recognised the vaccine this year, his didn't. Mine didn't last year either.
   The number of people dying from flu related illness has gone down in Australia due to public awareness and government advertising. I jokingly said to the doctor as she gave me the needle, "Oh, you did remember to put the tracking device in me?" She rolled her eyes and said, "You would be surprised to know how many people really believe that is what happens!" I said, "No, I think I do know already."
  So there we go. Aussie Land is just starting our winter, USA, summer. Let's see what happens on this forum in a few months time!
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