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is this anxiety? HELP

i am 16years old and just starting having anxiety attacks about a month ago. i run cross country, track, and i participate in like every other sport imaginable. i am an exerciseaholic. i have been an avid runner for two years now and run about two to three miles a day..well i did. i am scared to run or do any kind of exercise that requires physical exersion. i love to run and i miss it so much, i feel like this is taking over my life and affecting everything i do..it's even affecting the kind of student i am in school and how often i go hang out with my friends. i am moserable. i love exercising a nd i want to do it again, but i'm scared because all of this started during a meet when yes, i was kind of worked up over running and after taking off, while i was racing, i experienced chest pain and trouble breathing...i was take to the ER and doctors did an EKG and well as a chest x-ray. everything came back normal so they refered me to a cardiologist and a pulmonilogist. all of my tests including and exercise and asthma test came back normal, therefore doctors diagnosed me with anxiety. i have been under alot of stress for the past year dealing with family issues and relatonship issues so okay i buy that some of it may be anxiety. however, i still get symptoms that make me unsure that this is just anxiety.. i guess what i want to know is are my symptoms of anxiety or of something more serious? i have frequent chest pains, neck pains, trouble sleeping, i see stars and feel like im going to pass out frequently, light headed, i go numb randomly especially in my hands and feet, i can feel my heart racing and sometimes hear it in my ears too,  i get chest tightness and pressure, loss of appetite, and i feel out of breath and like i can't get enough air...therefore i take deep breaths often. i am petrified that this is something life threatening, but i feel like going back to the doctor is a waste of time and money and i think they would look at me like im crazy anyway.
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