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I'm 15 yrs and have a bump??? Please Help. Scared.

I'm a 15 year old female and just started gym class about one day later i felt a bump under my armpit, it is not above the skin but is under and more towards my back. Its a little tender. I poked a needle in it and a little white goo came out almost like puss. I'm not really worryed that it's breast cancer but i dont want to be to sure, but i'm worried of what it may be.
What may it be? please help.
                                 Thank you a miillion,
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Don't worry, it could just be from excessive shaving or an allergic reaction to anti-perspirant. Does it look large and swelling or small (pea-sized for example)? Don't poke or put anything else inside it, as foreign objects may cause an infection.Also if you can avoid shaving it because it could tear the skin and it would be very painful when you have your arm down.There is not much you can do because the armpit is such  as delicate area. Go make an appointment with your local doctor. He/she will be able to diagnose and treat you properly.
Good luck.
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