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Advice please

I don't really know how to handle this. My parents are driving me crazy. They pick on little things I do and don't let me do a lot or get out a lot. When I tell them this (and I've tried EVERY way) they are able to make it sound ok and make me question myself. I'm just starting to figure out how to be confident and my parents are messing that up too. My father recently taped an article about how bad sugar is in the sugar cabinet saying that it makes you "fat old and ugly" and to him it's "a joke" but honestly it doesn't feel that way especially since he believes it. I tell them they're making me self conscious and I feel trapped and they tell me it's in my head and I don't even know anymore. I've really learned to hide my emotions and sometimes I'll just burst bc I can't always hold it in. I just wanna get out and be with my friends bc they make me feel sane but it's so hard to even do that. My parents keep saying I have this great life and that I'm being dramatic and then I just feel so selfish talking about this. I'm trying to keep them out of my head but then I start questioning if I'm wrong but everyone I know says I'm not but no one knows how to help. Sometimes I feel absolutely nothing and sometimes I feel way too much. I really don't know what to do anymore. I just don't wanna feel like this.
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Is it possible for you to talk to a counsellor at school about all this? How about another trusted and sane adult relative? This sounds a bit to me like your parents are bullying you, and it's causing you to question your own self all the time and affecting your self-esteem.

Are they reasonable enough to listen to you when you talk to them calmly? try and just state (without emotion) how they make you feel. Maybe write them a letter?

I hope this gets better for you, I really do.
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