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How can I contact therapist to cure major depression when I'm locked in?

I am in an extremely severe situation right now...
- I do many kind of test online and found out that I have a major depression, but I can't contact them because they need phone number... I don't have a phone myself... And if I give my Mom's or Dad's number to those website, when they find out, my Dad is going to literally kill me for being "too weak"...
- In my country, it's hard to find a therapist in an area within a range of 20km diameter... So it's also impossible to go on my own.
- I don't have my own allowance... I have to help out my relative and teacher secretly to gain very "little" money to live on so I can't go to a therapist even if I found one because I have nothing to pay...
- My father never trusted me once in my whole life... so he cut my curfew as short as possible that I can't go out freely unless he give me permission to go after I told him where and when I'll go, who I'll go with, and what I'm going to do...
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Do you have regular access to the internet? If you do then I recommend possibly going on some type of online peer counseling site. Possibly something like IPrevail (https://www.iprevail.com) or 7Cups (https://www.7cups.com/depression-help-online/) where you can chat to people about your depression and it's kept confidential. They should both be free so you don't have to worry about money, you might need an email address but I think that's all. You might also want to read up on managing and possibly recovering from depression, as well at the causes of it.

Alternatively, depending on how good your relationship is with your parents or friends ,you can try talking to one of them. You don't seem to have the best relationship with your dad, so maybe try talking with your mom about how your feeling if you think she will support and help you. If you have any close friends (the kind you can have genuine conversations with and can keep your secrets), you can try talking to one of them.

I know how you feel, I've been depressed myself in the past and I've gotten better over time. I still feel a little depressed from time to time but overall it's not nearly as badly as it was  before and usually I feel better if I talk to someone.
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