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Not taken serious

I think my past is haunting me coz there's no other better explation for how i feel. I spoke to my big sister who happens to be a doctor & my gaurdian about me consulting a therapist last year and she never took me seriously instead she made fun of it this year and that really hurt my feelings she complains about  my grades,she says im always absent minded,my brother in law says iv got poor listening skills,she says im moody and yes i do feel depressed but how can i get help without her support?I do not stay with my other siblings who are also older than me and also have their own families..Will it be a good idea if i consulted a therapist with no family support?I am really not coping i just feel like dying!
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I would consult a therapist, even though you do not have any family support.  Your family may just not be educated in this arena, and that may be why you aren't getting any support.
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