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Research Study for Depressed Teens - Earn $150 (Boston Metro)

Moody Teens

This  is a research study of mood and brain activation in adolescents

To be eligible for the study, your child must be:
 Ages 13-17
 In good physical health.
 Willing to be evaluated for their feelings of sadness or irritability

To be eligible for the study, your child cannot:
 Have braces, or other metal fragments in their body
 Use alcohol or drugs
 Have had major head trauma
 Have migraine headaches or seizure disorder
 Have bipolar disorder
 Have anxiety disorders
 Have major developmental problems
 Be taking any prescribed medications other than stimulants for ADHD

Adolescents (accompanied by one parent or guardian) are asked to volunteer. Free comprehensive psychiatric evaluation for sadness and irritability, and one MRI scan.  Payment is $150 for 2 visits, each visit may take up to 3 hours. Your child gets paid by check mailed to your house.

Please call Cindy at McLean Hospital, Belmont MA for details at (617) 855-2973
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