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help, is it time to let go of life.

ok this is my last go at life now basically. im a bisexual teeenager but not out yet.. im camper than most lads and have girl mates. i have been bullied throughout the whole of my life for being a bit more feminine than other lads, i get called gay and the rest of it you can probably guess. my family are all against gays and dont really like the way i act too. ive cried myself to sleep every single night for the past few months now and im close, extremley close to suicide. im scared to seek professional help because i dont want my parents finding out. my grandparents died last year and i thought i was over their death, they were always there for me unlike my family now, is it time to let go.
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ohh hunny
i am so very very sorry for how your family is.
i have many gay guy friends and my parents shun them away.
i argue with them about it too.
i can say i kinda know what you are going through yet i cant.
but please do not kill yourself
that is not the way to go
and sense your friends have understood that is great
im sorry about the teasing
it happens to everyone but i bet for you it really hurts
i wish i could do more then just tell you things
i wish i could be there for you in real life.
but if you truely need help then maybe talk to a school counselor.
then maybe your parents wont find out that way.
ill try to think of ways to help but please
no more suicidal thoughts
i beg of you ):
i really hope things come around for you.
im here if you need to talk
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I'm not sure about the spots. Did the doctor give you some cream for it?

As for could God forgive you? Good grief, of course! If he can forgive murders and the worst of the worst of sins for those who are truly repentant, then yes, he can forgive you. It's US that usually can't forgive.
The only people that Jesus ever had harsh words for was the Pharisees. Know why? They were hypocrites! They went around quoting the Bible, wearing their priestly robes, tithing their 10% and fasting and praying loudly in the streets for all to see how pious they were. It's almost funny, but tragic at the same times. Jesus told them that they were doing all the right things but their hearts weren't right before God. (God's not stupid, by the way. You can't fool Him!) He told the Pharisees that the prostitutes, thieves and tax evaders were getting into Heaven before them! You know why? Because they were so grateful to God for His free gift of salvation. Jesus said to whom much is forgiven, he will love much. In other words, for the people who were forgiven much, they tended to love God more than those who didn't think they needed forgiveness. Make sense? Do a study on Jesus sometime. The more you study him, the more you will be drawn to him. He was actually pretty radical in those times! He had women followers (unheard of back then), and he ate with sinners and common people. He seemed to prefer their company over the stuck up Pharisees! :) He had a prostitute weeping at his feet one time and he had compassion on her and forgave her. She was so grateful she wound up being one of his most devoted followers. Her name was Mary Magdelene.
The Pharisees brought a woman before Jesus one time saying she needed to be stoned because she committed adultery. That was the common practice then, to stone the person. They threw her at their feet and waited to see what Jesus would say. He simply replied, calmly that the the one who was without sin should be the first one to throw the stone. Little by little they left, one by one, until no one was left. Then Jesus asked the woman if there was no one there to condemn her and she replied "No one" and he said "Then neither do I condemn you." He forgave her.

He is always willing and wanting to forgive us. That's why he died that horrible death on the cross. That was how much he loved us! He became our sacrifice for us. He did that so that we wouldn't have to be punished for our sins. He took our sins upon himself. Have you ever known anyone who has ever been willing to die for you and take your punishment for you? That's how much Jesus loves you! He did it for all of us, for our past sins and the future ones he knew we'd commit. Yes, he knows that sins we will commit because he knows the future. All he wants is for us to turn to him and place our trust in him. Let me tell you, once you do you will never go back. His love is unlike any other. His peace can be yours if you will let him lead your life. It's totally worth it!
I will never go back. He means everything to me. And what he offers is free, for every human being. You just have to reach out for it. You have to be willing to humble yourself and ask for forgiveness and help because we all need that. He knows we are human and will stumble and fall. He will pick us back up again if we let him.
His disciples asked him one time how many times they should forgive someone, once, twice? He said 70 times 70 in a day! The number 7 is God's number and means infinity so he was saying we need to forgive infinite amounts of times when we are wronged. If he expects that of us, wouldn't he, himself do the same? He never asks of us what he, himself is not willing to do.
I hope this answers some of your questions! Feel free to write back if you have any more. Or you can send me a pm on here too and we can chat.
Take care, Dan. Everything's going to be alright and work out for you! I just know it! God has a plan for your life, an exciting plan. Following Him is never boring! God bless you!
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April, i understand about talking to God, but there are many sins i have done in my past life, and im wondering whether i'll ever be forgiven for them? Also, i know this isnt relevant to this forum but is it normal for a teenager to get spots on the legs/thighs containing puss? i had them a few weeks ago and went the doctors and he just looked at them very very quickly as if he wasnt bothered and said its normal for my age. they appear every so often but they're leaving unpretty scars.
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hey man thats cool im fine that you biesexuel as long as you not checking out my ***... okay lol but you move on insteed of staying at the same place ith you need more help go to youre local baptismal curch and ask the pastor for help
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Wonderful! The journal idea is great! You're going to be fine, Dan. You're at a difficult age right now (believe me, I know. My daughter went through it!) but you WILL get through this and it WILL get better. I promise. Remember, God is always there for you. God bless you, Dan. You take care of yourself, ok? Just take one day at a time and keep turning to God. Pour out your heart to him.He's always there and always listens. He cares. He will guide you and direct you. I believe that and I believe in you!
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I came out before to two of my friends about my sexuality, they were very understanding and even happy that i had believed in their trust, it made me realise that life is tough sometimes but im stronger than i keep thinking and it's time to move on.. im going to start writing a journal and create a memorable photograph book of my grandparents. I'm going to give it another month, im going to start praying and ill see how i get on, if nothing has changed ill take your advice and tell my parents.
how can i ever thank you enough for helping me so much in the past april?
many hugs.
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Dan, honey. I've tried for a long time now to encourage you and help you and I don't think you've listened or tried anything I've suggested. Please go back and reread our posts and think carefully about all I've spoken to you about.
I think you are at the point where you really need therapy. You can't go on like this. You are going to HAVE to tell your parents how depressed you are and that you need some counseling, even if it's on a temporary basis. Tell them how rough it's been for you with your grandparents deaths. Tell them how depressed you are.
Only you can determine where you go in this life. You need to make that decision that you NEED this in order to be healthy and happy. You need a compasionate counselor that can help you wade through some of this stuff.
Remember what I said before? Try God. I'm telling you, He's done miracles in my daughter's life. She was deeply depressed and even wondered about her sexuality for awhile there, too. She was even suicidal and cutting herself for awhile. We got her into counseling but she went down a pretty dark path. Just this Summer she went to a youth camp and gave her life to Jesus and she's a different child now. She's happy and at peace. It's like I have a different child. I'm amazed at the difference. She got tired of the way she was acting and feeling and decided to come back to God. It was her decision, though. I could never force her into anything. It's something to think about. What could it hurt? I speak from my own experience. Once I turned to God, I never regreted it. I will never go back. It's like a light turned on. I'm seeing it in my daughter too.
Please, Dan. Talk to someone. And talk to God. He IS there and He does care. I care too. You will get through this. I believe in you.
Take care,
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