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need help for my teen daughter

Hello... I'm sooo proudly the mother of a beautiful 14 year old  daughter.... whom has many psychological problems... I know a lot of mental illness is hereditary... so she's getting double dosed if she's by geneticly dealing w my mental illnesses also. She was traumatized on her 12th bday... But has always been a depressive person... since that parti/ular day in her life... she's living w PSD...OCD...Clinical Depression... Bipolar... sleep disorders... I personally believe she has BPD.. BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER... as well as social anxieties, she doesn't let anyone other than her boyfriend of a year, myself... and sometimes her dad get close to her... if she goes anywhere else... including school... she has severe panic attacks... and she is a recovering 'cutter'... so that makes her self concious as well... she fights the urges and I believe has cut recently... it's an addiction too... not just part of her illness... let me just say that her reason for  being traumatized was never dealt w properly by the Authorities... no consequences anyone else had to deal with or answer to... as her mother, this is horrible because I know the depth of her pain... But we are not the same person and it's not about me... she sees a psycbiatrist... and goes to counseling... it seemed to help for a while.. But as anyone who has been in this situation knows... any little thing can trigger an immediate onset of emotional break downs... and now I'm thinking personality disorders as well... bipolar has nothing on what I'm seeing manifest in my daughter... it was bad enough at one point that she also, was institutionalized... yet I'm afraid I'm going to lose my baby girl if she doesn't get peace of mind.... and it's to the point where I'm getting therapy and counseling also because I want her peace of mind... at just about any cost... ALSO... I'm finding out after years that many of my psych issues have been due to thyroid disease.... what are the odds of her dealing w that also ??? Sooo many questions... soooo little answers...
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How are you?  Thyroid disease can be caused by a variety of issues and having her tested for the thyroid function tests will help rule out the presence of this condition. You are doing the right thing- your daughter is seeing a psychiatrist and she goes to counselling. Try not to worry she is in good hands already. Continue being there for her and support her. While many teens go through this phase ,your daughter is indeed lucky to have you there with her, guiding her. If you have additional queries, do let us know so we can help. Take care always.
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