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thanksgiving plans

what does everyone have planned for turkey day?  anybody traveling?  we are just going to some friends (well we consider them family) .  the only thing i dont care about this plan, is i wont have my own turkey left overs! lol
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We are having Thanksgiving at home this year and my parents are coming over. I love having it at home. That way I can enjoy all of the yummy aromas from my kitchen while drinking my coffee. Plus I love to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving parade. :)  I hope Quinn gets a kick out of it this year.

Now being 7 months pregnant I will probably be wanting a nap in the middle of the festivities,. :)    Gobble-Gobble...
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Swampy doesn't eat turkey, since it wanted to scratch, say "gobble gobble" and play in the barnyard.

Usually Swampy tries to make something fun for Thanksgiving...pierogis are one idea. If there is good white fish he might make fish fritters.
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i wish i was staying home, i really do.  but we will go for a short time and then return home and i will have pumpkin pie waiting for us! lol  

swampy do you spend it alone?  fish fritters sound wonderful!!!!
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I wish we were in the South Seas, but we go to my sister's.  My hope is to be gone for Christmas this year.
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We are having Tday at our house this year.  My husband is cooking, so it will be delicious, for sure.  Family and friends will be invited, my brother and his wife will be bringing their new puppy.  Should be fun!
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We are going to my moms this year.   Can't wait for mashed potatoes and turkey!
I will be making a chocolate pecan pie.
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i tried a chocolate pecan pie once.  it never set, it was soupy!! was good over ice cream haha.  
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well addison still has a fever so our plans have been changed.  our tday will be at home and i have no turkey, yams, nothing!!! dh is working late, nobody to watch kids so i guess i will go to the grocery late!! hope they have a defrosted turkey! lol  i have a pumpkin pie though, dh bought one from costco haha
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Swampy is home alone too, as his going out plans collapsed.

He's fixed a little food for himself and is on the couch. The cat is sleeping next to him, every so often she purrs a bit.
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swampy i love cats that are so content and purrrrrrr.  dh is allergic so we dont have one just yet lol.  

i cant believe all the people in line already (its 6:17 here) waiting for the 5am doors to open!!
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