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Is 20% high enough to warrant surgery?

My wife's doctor suggested she get surgery.

If a doctor writes that there is a 20% risk a thyroid tumor is malignant, does that justify surgery? This is the final judgement after the Ultrasound, the scan that determines if it's hot or cold, and lastly the MIBI.

I'm not educated on the topic other than what I've read online. My natural instinct is to follow the docs recommendations, but 20% doesn't sound like a confident diagnoses. I read the MIBI has over a 90% success rate in differentiating between benign and malignant tumors.

Ultimately it's her decision and I will support her either way.  I would just hate for her to cause further compilations when it is unnecessary. Any insight is welcome.
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I had a 25% chance and turned out to be benign BUT upon final biopsy they found two small micro carcinomas (papillary) so I am very glad I had the surgery.  Why take any risk was my thought so had the surgery in '07

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