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~~~ THANKS OPRAH ~~~ for another blow !!!

I am ticked!!! Did anyone watch the Oprah show????? Her "Living Well" series started and

guess what???????


What a bunch of bull!!! I truly have had it with HER.  I work my tail end off here and all over Racine on our metobolism resistance - insulin resistance - and all the other REAL DAM things going on with us and she waltz's in on her multi million dollar show and says

We'll we need balance!! -

I DO belive that TO SOME DEGREE - but it is not the CURE ALL here you stupid ignorant rich woman!!

OMG - I swear I am blowing a gasket !!! I am totally unglued with this prema donna thinking it's a "frame of mind" we need to be in to make us thin and "happy".

I'd like her to answer one dam thing  " WHAT THE HE// CAUSED ME TO ALL OF A SUDDEN GAIN 40 POUNDS



WHEN I NEVER HAD A F*****ING WEIGHT PROBLEM TO BEGIN WITH???? But I have a thyroid that beat to he// though??????

I want to totally cry - I wish I never had my hopes up to ask her to help us. The hours I spent communicating to all her staff about here at MH and all the people here crying for help..

Of course she added her plug in of

"This is the year for change!"  (Bite me!)

I am so sorry I disappointed all of you. I really thought the word could be out there asking her to help and all she did was destroy the little hope I had.

It is Thyroid Awareness month right now. Please be out there in herds if we have to telling all that will listen - This is NOT an easy fix to CURE. Some never  ( as me) will ever be CURED.

All it was - was false hope to some who watched her show. I now seriously ban her show to be turned on MY TV ever again.

and her January O magizine is now great a great SUPPORT to start a roaring fire in my fireplace.


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I was just wondering today what had come of the e-mailing her.. Obviously she hasn't listened!! I wonder how much she paid to be 'cured'...LOL
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We'll off went another letter to her - by me

here it is:

Dear Oprah and Staff,

You casted very good points on your show today with Bob Greene. Balance is so very important. On the other hand because of your power of words - you have no idea how you insulted the  "REAL" poor thyroid sufferer by saying "you are cured". Especially the patients that are not "curable" ( autoimmune thyroid) and that person is sentenced to a life time of pain and constant struggling.  Many, as me, had "Never fallin off the wagon" and HAD a life of balance until suddenly their thyroid raged out of control and hit rock bottom that will NEVER rebound back.

You were the hope of so many in those shoes above to help us get the desperate assistance we need to help us go on with life as we are now forced to live. BTW - deperately searching for the balance we want back so bad.

I am so disappointed - you are so powerful - yet just as horrible right now as the many... many ... many doctors

(like you referred tothat you saw) and choose to neglect what's really going on with our/your bodies and makes us feel "just fat".

Good luck with your challenge - I hope all goes well.
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I think Oprah has a right to deal with the disease in whatever way works for her...I am not a hater.  The way I manage my disease is different than my mom as it effects everyone differently. If she truly did have graves she could be in remission but we have never really gotten enough information to diagnose her or her issue.  While I would like to see more information made public about thyroid health, perhaps Oprah isn't our gal. But it's no reason to dislike her.    Let's cheer the folks that do step up and get out there instead like Elaine (Marpo1) and her blog!  
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I wonder if she would feel the same way and make the same statement if she didn't have all the riches in the world. Apparently she doesn't have the thyroid issues we have....maybe she is just Fat!
You tried and that is what counts stella! Don't allow this to bash you down.
Gee it sure would be nice if she would help some of us to find a CURE....
Sorry I missed the show to hear it in person....
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I'm shocked speachless.

Rich pompous airhead talk show host.
Who would have thunk she would drop the ball, especially after the last fumbled attempt.

Nice try Stella, but quit wasting your postage. The Big O hasn't spent two days in the real world in the last ten years.
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I could not believe Oprah said she was cured! Maybe her hyperthyroid if that is what she has will turn into  Hypo He// ! All I kept thinking was you never know how long it will take for your thyroid to turn on you again. I would be afaid to use the word cure! Lets just wait and see Stella she might be asking you questions soon!
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Come on - don't beat yourself up.  It was a good idea and not your fault that she didn't be honest about things.    

Ok - I didn't see the show, and it's very unfortunate that Oprah chose not to be an advocate for thyroid patients, but I guess a "divine intervention" draws a larger viewing audience than the truth does!!    

Balance?  Yes, we do need balance - why doesn't someone teach the doctors that??  Teach them that just passing out a certain kind of pill isn't going solve all the problems??  Teach them that when our thyroid hormones are OUT OF BALANCE, we can't get well and we will gain weight (as does Oprah!!). if they don't order the right tests, and treat the individual rather than lump us all into one neat little "group".  

I guess we can forget about Oprah being an advocate for thyroid patients, so let's put our heads together and try to figure out another way to get the word out there.  We don't need "friends" like Oprah.  

Just one question, though - I thought Oprah was going to be going to the inaugural (sp?) party and was so concerned about the weight she had gained.  How is she planning to lose all her weight before January 20?  Is Jesus going to "miraculously" dissolve it all so she looks slim and sexy??  What a nasty, vain train of thought that would be!!  

We don't need/want someone who prefers sensationalism over the truth; or won't stick with us when the going gets hard.  Celebrity or not, she's no good to us if she won't tell the truth.  Just my thoughts!!
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I think Oprah's big balance is, she went back on meds, but she's not going to admit it.  I think that how she lost the weight the first time, and then thinking she was cured she got off the meds, and well la back came the weight!!  Just  a theory.
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Oh, don't let Oprah get to you.  She is one of those people that constantly looks outside of herself to find out what's wrong within.  She wants the magic fix, the instant cure.  With all the touting she does about inner peace, soul searching and putting it all out there in the universe, it's all a bunch of hoo ha.  She doesn't practice what she preaches and it shows on her backside.  She is reaching for excuses as to why she's fat. A while back it was "emotional eating," she was abused, blah blah blah. I did not see today's show because I read her magazine this month and when she said her thyroid issues resolved on their own I said a big fat WHATEVER.  She has no clue. Had she bothered to read or understand anything in the world about thyroid problems she would know that she has come off as ignorant.  She relies on those around her to feed her information, her doctors, her "wellness coach," her chef, all of her cronies that get her through the day. If had to spend one day dealing with a thyroid problem on her own she'd never make it.
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and if Opra thinks Jesus has cured her I can accept that.

I believe in the good Lord and have no problem with Opra thinking the Lord has cured her.

I walk with him everyday and have seen what he can do.

Thanks be to God.

God Bless.
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never thought of it.

good idea

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I also watched Oprah deny that her weight was the result of SYNTHROID HELL.  Just like her, I lost 40 pounds, and then gained it back on Synthroid. Just like her, I could not sleep, did not feel like going to work and had a vacant look on my face.  I went on Synthroid and I sitll sleep poorly, feel stupid and can not control my weight.
I want the CURE!  
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