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Aches and pains

Have had TT - 1/2 out in April other in May.   Have had loose stool for weeks every a.m. - (takes me forever to get ready! ha!) - now have begun experiencing muscle aches - back of thigh - foot, arm etc.  Supposedly my thyroid
meds are "in line" with how the endo wants them - I feel tired all the time (when I get up in the a.m. sometimes
I could just go back to bed) no energy.   How long will this last? - Also have started to "whine" about every little thing - I never used to be a whiner!  Help please.
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Have you had your thyroid levels checked yet post surgery?  It sound like you may be undermedicated.  When you have them check it is best to get TSH, Free T4 & Free T4 checked.  Many doctors only check TSH.  When I am not getting enough T3 I have all the aches and pains of hypothroidism as well as depression and weight gain.

What medicine does your doctor have you on?  Synthroid?  You may just need more though.  Often the doctor will adjust you levels up slowly so you don't go hyper.  Some people do not convert T4 into T3 well and need a T3 supplement (Cytomel) or to get on dessicated thyroid medicine (Armour, Nature Throid or ERFA).

If you post your last test levels, including the ranges, others here will pop on and let you know what they think.  Good luck!
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Free T3, Free T4 and TSH labs please with reference ranges beside each result. Emmy is correct about the  conversion issues for people who have no thyriod gland. My daughter is almost 10 and born without a thyroid. She could not convert enough of the t4 (storage hormone) Synthroid to the active hormone t3 that the cells must have- This can affect just about everything when too low. Lots of muscle and joint pain can develop along with many other hypothyroid issues.(like emotions and fatigue) Get that FReet3 level checked along with the other teast and get a copy of labs and post here and we will be glad to give our experienced opinions.  
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I'm on 112 of Synthroid - was reduced from 125 about 6 wks. ago - called endo and just had bloodwork rechecked yesterday - the nurse said the endo believes that my aches/pains and tiredness must be from something else 'cause I'm exactly where she wants my levels to be -  I told the nurse that the endo needs to treat my symptoms and not just rely on my bloodwork... we will see.  Thank you so much for your response.  I also continue
to have tingling in my hands and feet.  Post TT is lovely!!!
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Don't you just love it when they say that? LOL!   I like your comeback though! You just keep that up and maybe the endo. will begin to listen. If he doesn't then find a doctor who will.
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Thanks again - I told the nurse just that - if the Dr. doesn't listen then I'll find another who will... (I sound pretty tough - must be pain induced strength!)  My sister told me to use the "treat my symptoms" line - I also loved it!!
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If you can get the endo to check the Free T3 & Free T4 he will have some labs to look at and if they are low may be willing to up the medicine or add T3 (cytomel).  Doctors love lab results! Good Luck!

Some will not look at the frees and don't believe the conversion problems.  Tell him to look, you are paying and want to know ,and if they are fine you will discuss other potential causes.  You just want to rule this out before checking other causes.
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