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Advice for Hashi/Graves

Can anyone offer me any advice regarding my below post about having both Hashi and Graves at the same time?  I'm just really anxious, and my doctor won't see me for a few more weeks, so I'm going crazy over here.

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I see you posted before with no answers. I'm sure your curent situation is very uncomfortable.

I only have Hashi, but have been hyper with to much med increase to soon, so it was like hashi and graves together only temporary. The couch was my best friend even if I could not sleep, so we know that relieves a little for the hashi part. Graves is like extreme anxiety which very hypo people also get before their hashi is under control. You might investigate natural calming supplements at the vitamin store. Valerian root calms, so does GABA and holy basil tablets.

There was someone here that had both, its rare. Although she wasnt to fond of getting her thyroid removed, that was the result as with most Graves people. Then they are on thyroid hormone for life like people with Hashimoto.

If that does happen in your future, take note that most people with no thyroid feel better taking both T4 and T3 hormone as two separate meds or one combination med. Just T4 alone will leave you feeling slightly hypo if you have no thyroid gland or if its non functioning.
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I've been taking antidepressants and benzos for years, due to my depression and anxiety.  I've taken gaba and have had neurofeedback, both unsuccessful in helping me mentally/emotionally.  I will look into your suggestions on the thyroid meds.  All I know is that I feel terrible, but the dr isn't offerring me thyroid meds since my levels are within normal range.  I guess I just have to sit around and wait until I get really sick before I can do anything about it.  This just seems so strange to me.  Thank you for your response!
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