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Burning tongue?

Anyone else have a burning tongue?  I've had the whole dry mouth thing going on since my RAI in January but I don't think it's dry mouth. My dentist says I've got plenty of saliva but my tongue just burns ALL THE TIME.  I'm constantly drinking water and chewing gum.  Why is this?  What causes this? I've googled it but I don't have any of the diseases/problems that come with a burning tongue.
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Me too! My glands are really swollen too. I had my RAI three weeks ago.
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ibabug - If you didn't flush out good enough after RAI your glands may be weak and not processing and could be blocked. Start drinking plenty of filtered water and lemon (PURE lemon) and I mean a ton of it to flush those glands. The longer they remain plugged upwith worse you will get.

Liz - your burning tongue is a total PH imblance right now. go to earthclinic.com and google burning tongue you will find a ton of information on how to rid that awful feeling -

I lived with it for tow years and I thought I was going to cut my tongue right out- Thank goodness I found the answer!
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Okay, I went to earthclinic and read all about the burning tongue and it's telling me to drink 1//2 tsp of baking soda in water twice a day till I get my urine PH to a 7. My question...how the heck do I check the PH of my urine????  And how is the PH of my urine gonna help my tongue??!  I'm so miserable right now with this, it's getting to the point where it's all I think about because it just won't stop.  I don't have any problems with acid reflux or any of the other stuff mentioned. I just have this miserable tongue.
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A burning tongue can be a sign of B12 deficiency.

To rule it out/in, you will need a serum b12 level as well as MMA and nutritional homocysteine levels.  The last 2 are metabolites of B12 that are more accurate than serum B12 alone.
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There are cheap urine sticks available to by at drup stores and natural health food stores.

They cost $3 bucks.

Yes B12 could be a problem too. But do the PH testing
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Well, I took an acid reducer today and my tongue feels somewhat better. I don't have any heartburn or indigestion though so I don't know why my tongue would burn from the acid. I also went and had some blood drawn for a B12 test. This has GOT to end soon.
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Reflux can sometimes be silent, with no true heartburn symptoms.

Let us know how the b12 is.
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Ive read the postings here and SWEAR by the aspirin method ........I put half a soluble aspirin in my mouth and rolled it around until it dissolved.
You would not believe the instant relief!
Personally I get ulcers and lacerations on the tongue and in the mouth when I am HypeR.
That is one sure way to know when I'm HypeR but also only get it after prolonged use of high doses of Carbimazole too.......
seems too much of a coincidence.
Maybe the ATDS change the mucous lining of the mouth???
Who knows.
But after suffering with these since I was diagnosed with Graves....it is welcome relief!!!
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Forgot to mention that while on Carbimazole, I have a smelly urine with no infections showing up so maybe it is an acid thing after all???
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Thanks for that info.  I'm still having issues and today went an talked with a nutritionist.  She too feels like it is an acid thing and said for me to take 1/4 tsp of baking soda in a glass of water everyday to see if it helps.  I'm interested in what you say because now I have a huge canker sore under my tongue and my last TSH was .2.  I asked my doc about it being so low because 3 weeks prior to that test it was .36. So, it's getting lower but he didn't seem concerned, just says to stay on my synthroid dosage because he feels like the level is good for cancer supression.  I wonder if I'm going hypo?  I don't really have any symtoms of it, I feel pretty good. I'm eating a lot though but my weight is stable, I'm not shaking, still constipated (will be for life I think!), so I don't know what to do anymore. My tongue burns and my teeth hurt. I'm so sick of feeling like this.
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I meant to say hyper not hypo in the previous post. Uh oh.....the brain is going again. I can't take it anymore!
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I have a problem that sounds a lot like burning tongue.  It's caused by a soy allergy.  When I eat soy or come in contact with it (ilike in ink) my tongue feels like I drank scalding coffee.  Since I've been hypo, it's been getting worse.
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I wonder if the sachets that you buy called URAL would do any good as they take the acid out of the body?They are used for urine infections and cystitis.
Just a thought.
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i think your natural path is right on!!

Acid and PH levels.

The baking soda should help alot - but it sometimes is not instand relief - I did it for about a week before I noticed the change and my PH levels took a while to drop.

Eat an apple prior to going to bed too. that will help control the acid too. it nutralizes the system
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I must do my thinking better in the shower  :)

Do us a favor ( or me at least) go into the bathroom stick out your tongue and write down what you see. OR --

take a picture like Kitty did and post it under your profile.

i just want to compare it and see if it looks similiar to what mine did.

Is is cracky looking? white coated? can you see sore spots on it through the white coating? are the spots purplish in color?
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It's whitish pink and it has a few small cracks on it. And a honkin canker sore under the tongue.  Going to my regular doctor today to try and figure this out. I'm not sure I can be taking this baking soda with the prescription Vitamin D. My endo said the only thing I could take was Pepcid AC. But can I take it everyday for the rest of eternity????  I do feel better after taking the acid reducer but my teeth still hurt and now I'm starting to get a headache every single day on the left side of my head. The same side where my teeth hurt. SO, I'm going in today to see my REAL doc!
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Whatever happened to your burning tongue? I am not having luck taking my thyroid meds and one of many side effects I am experiencing is tip of my tongue burns.
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