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Ft4 high need more advice

Hi ,
I’ve been having like flutters of my heart for a few months lately and did a thyroid blood test as I thought it’s to do with my hashimotos .
Here are the results:
TSH 0.054 range 0.35 - 4.94
Ft4 20.52.  Range 12.8 - 20.4
Ft3 4.14 range  4.0 _ 6.8

Ferritin 56.2. Range 15 - 240
VitD is 60  < 30

I can’t get no T3meds here as I’m told it’s a conversion issue . Any advice would be welcome.

Many thanks


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Hi again ,
I’ve been trying to get my tests on track .
Just took FT4 and 3 today . These are my results . The test they used are different from the one I usually do , don’t know the Siri be honest :

FT4 iflash 12.4    Range 9.26- 16.8 pg/ml
Ft3 iflash 3.10.  Range 2.30-4.20 pg/ml

To me the results look good . Any advice would be welcome .
Thank you San.
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Obviously you need to get your FT4 down to stop the flutters.  Since you have no access to T3, the best thing is to try and convert more T4 to T3.  You are already taking a good dose of selenium.  Ferritin is also very important for good conversion.  Ferritin should be at least 100 ng/ml.  Since your ferritin is only at 56, you probably need to take 65-75 mcg of iron daily.  Along with that, to avoid digestive issues, I suggest taking at least 1000 mg of Vitamin C.

So if you can get that done, please let us know how you progress.
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Thank you for your reply . So I’ll just keep taking 100mg thyroxine a day and try to increase my ferritin and test in a few months .
I’ll let you know .
I don't now what the iflash means.  Otherwise, your results are significantly improved.  Previously your FT4 was over its range, and FT3 barely above the low end of its range.  Now, your FT4 is
at 48% of its range, and your FT3 is at 42% of its range.  How much B12 ar you taking daily?  Also  how much iron are you supplementing daily?  
Everyone an be slightly different in the levels of FT4/FT3 that work bet for them.  So the important question now is what symptoms do you have.  Please review the following list and tell us about any you seem to have.  

Fatigue and sluggishness
Increased sensitivity to cold
Increased sleepiness
Dry skin (need to use skin creme)
Constipation  (need to use laxative or high  fiber diet)
Muscle weakness
Muscle aches, tenderness and stiffness
Joint pain and stiffness
Problems with memory or concentration
Swelling of the thyroid (goiter)
A puffy face
Brittle nails
Hair loss
Enlargement of the tongue
Many thanks for your reply .
Yes I thought the results were much better . The only symptoms I have would be a bit of memory loss . I feel on the whole well I’m happy to say . Still get a few flutters but not too much . I’ll carry on with what I’m doing . Also using castor oil pack which seem to help I find .
I’m taking 1000 B12 , selenium 200mcg , VitD 50,000 once a week and iron 350mg twice daily . Will test them next month .
Are you sure the iron is 350 mg that you take twice daily?  
This is what it says on the box :
Ferrous fumarate 350mg
Cyanacobalamin 7.5 mcg
Folic acid 1mg
Ascorbic acid 150mg
Manganese 2.5mg
Zinc 7mg

Name Vitaferrol
Hematinic & general tonic

Apparently it’s the equivalent of 115.5 mg of elemental iron.
Based on your prior ferritin test, taking that iron supplement once a day should be sufficient.   We'll see when you test for ferritin again.  Glad you are feeling good overall.  Please keep in touch.
Will update you when I take the test .
Many thanks
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You said you have Hashimoto's.  Was that a prior diagnosis based on tests for the antibodies typical of Hashis?  If so, and you are taking thyroid med, what is the daily dosage?   If you are taking a T4 med, did you take your daily dose before the blood draw for those tests?  You were tested for Vitamin D and ferritin.  Are you taking supplements for those?  Even more important, what other symptoms do you have, if any?
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Hi, I was first tested in 2013 and had antibodies, blood test was morning without taking my thyroxine.
I’m taking 100mg per day plus B12 , selenium 200mcg  iron also to get my ferritin higher and vit D 50,000 once a week .  
Didn’t really have a problem until after I got Covid , not sure if it’s just coincidence.
Symptoms, hot flashes, heart flutters , feels like my heart misses some beats. Aches and pains, but I’m now 60 yrs so expected.
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