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Can someone interpret my test results?

Recently, I was not feeling well for three months as I was worrying about STD.

Last few weeks, some crawling/needle prick sensation in neck/chin/under chin area.

As part of doing other test, have taken Thyroid test additionally and to observe any problem.

Last Month(23rd):(Doctor didn't concerned about the result)
TSH: 1.43 mcIU/ml
T3:0.83 ng/ml
T4:5.90 mcg/dl

Today:(Very Morning, without food)
TSH: 2.03 ncIU/ml
T4: 4.60 mcg/dl
T3: 0.92 ng/ml
FT3: 2.73 pg/ml
FT4: 1.42 ng/dl

Can you advise if abnormal between these two tests?
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Lab test results and associated reference ranges vary among labs so we need to  know the reference ranges shown on the lab report for those results.
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Lab ranges
T3:  0.6 - 1.81
T4:  4.5 - 10.9 (Hyper 11-19, Hypo 0-5.5,Sick Euth 1.9-13.3)
TSH: 0.4 - 4.2
FT3: 2.3 - 4.2
FT4: 0.89 - 1.76
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The only test result that is lower than optimal for many people is your FT3 level.  It may be that your body is not converting T4 to T3 adequately.  Have you been tested for ferritin. Vitamin D and B13?
Symptoms are even more important than test results so please tell us about all your symptoms.
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I haven't tested for ferritin & B13. Did you mean B12?(Mine B12 is 310).

Im defiencency for vitamin D one month ago, so started taking D supplements for 1 month & now it's in range(53).

After first test, I took 4days for cloestrol tablet.

D Supplement and cloestrol tablet does make any change in thyroid Harmone levels?

All of below symptoms started when i started stressing out about STD

Weight loss 3.5kgs ~ 3months back.

Tinnitus on one side but audiology test within normal.

Sudden Sharp pain in the upper arm(biceps area) on both the sides ( 1.5 months back).

Occasionally Sharp pain in right arm pit corner area that connects to chest.

Started seeing small boils in biceps area not sure if it's due to gastric/cholesterol tablet.

No swelling of lymph in neck area, but random pain across neck and particularly below the jaw.

Clicking sound from left jaw while opening the mouth.

Eye irritation on one eye(1 month ago)

Slight swelling below one eye near to chin muscle.(persisting for almost one month) - not sure if it's due to eye drop used?

Center chest pain due to gasteric problem.

Occasional Constipation.

Recently, started feeling hot in the foot while sitting in the office.

Hair loss.
Is CMV infection primary culprit fo all of my problems?
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Sorry, I did mean B12.    I am not familiar with the possible effects of CMV infection.    You do have a few symptoms that may be related to low Free T3. Your FT4 level is at 61% of its range, while your FT3 is only23% of its range, which is indicative of poor conversion of T4 to  T3.  Your Vitamin D is fine at 53..  B12 is best in the upper part of its range, and you need to test for ferritin.  It should be at least 100, and it is important in the conversion of T4 to T3.  So that is the first thing I suggest doing, is to get your ferritin level tested and supplemented as needed to get above 100 and see what effect that has for you.
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