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Diagnosed with Graves' by my symptoms are Hashimoto's

Last year I lost 25 pounds not changing my diet at all but they didn't do the tsh test, just thought I had a virus (not covid) and told me to drink gatorade, then I gained 60 pounds not changing my diet at all (my diets not that great). I wasn't feeling well and went to my gp who did blood tests and my tsh was .27 so i ended up at a rheumatologist who sent me to an endocrinologist who did the nm uptake scan and diagnosed me with Graves'. But all my symptoms are Hashimoto's. Now I'm on Methimazole and they'll do a blood test in 2 months to see if my numbers have changed. So does anyone here with graves have the scoop on diet and exercise? Multivitamin? I don't want to do more harm than good. Also, my rheumatologist told me to take a low dose aspirin a day because one of my immune tests say I'm prone to clotting. This is scary although none of my doctors seem particularly worried. peggy
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I have no idea why you ended up with a Rheumatologist.  Everything points to some kind of thyroid problem.  TSH is useful only in diagnosing an overt primary hypothyroid problem.  For diagnosis and treatment it is far better to evaluate for symptoms typical of hypothyroidism along with the actual thyroid hormones, Free T4 and Free T3.  So please tell us about all the symptoms you currently have.

If not tested for Free  T4 and Free T3, I highly suggest you do so and make sure those are tested every time you go for tests.  TSH is totally inadequate to determine your thyroid status.    Also, if possible get tested for Vitamin D, B12 and ferritin.  
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