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Do you have many conditions besides Thyroid?

Do you have many conditions besides Thyroid?
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heck yes!
chronic kidney disease stage 3-4
mutinodular thyroid disease
immune deficiency
Chronic pain syndrome
sever depression - hey no suprise with the above
severe chronic itching of a night - legs mostly
insomnia - no suprises with above
lots of inflammaotry probs eg tendonitis in both arms, elbows and shoulders
anaemia - prob more related to the CKD
and bones break very very easily
dangerously low BP at times, so low have been in ICU eg 75/35
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Thyroidectomy due to graves/hyper/goiter. Had two thyroid storms before removal. Had RAI, but did not work so surgery was only option.

Muscle/bone pain
Submandibular gland removed (sialenditis)
Calcified ligament removed (Eagle syndrome)
A calcified mass removed on the submandibular gland removed
Two calcified lymph nodes removed under jaw line
A calcified mass removed in abdominal/pelvis area
Left ovary removed with complex cyst
Abscess in left buttock cut and drained. Had two different infections when sent to pathology - took 3 different types of antiboitics to get rid of it after a month.
Low B12, Low Vit D
High level of calcium but still within range level is 10 (lab range 8.6 - 10.3)
Weight loss
Night sweats
Still working on getting my thyroid medication to normal.
Freeze during the day
Constant urination - fallen bladder, well have minor procedure done to lift it.

Just had major surgery ( laparotomy to remove mass/ovary and complex cyst). What I thought would be a 2 in incision turned out to be about a 7 in incision. The surgeon had to actually move all of my organs out of the way in order to get to mass right underneath my aorta.  Survived it, but extremely sore and slight pain, but managable. I had this done two weeks ago. Will have the bladder procedure done in 3 weeks.

Right now, that is about all I can think of.
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Lots of problems as well, so I'll jump on the bandwagon..........

severe environmental allergies (allergy shots failed to work)
pineal cyst, supposedly benign
thyroid disease of some sort that no one has been able to really diagnose
moderate sleep apnea
Vitamin D/B insufficiency (on the very low end of normal)
some sort of liver disease, probably from the two NSAIDs I'm taking
slowly decreasing RBC count (I'm anemic according to online sources) and increasing WBC count
lots of symptoms, like double-vision and arthritis, from whatever undiagnosed disease I have

I'm learning a lot about medicine, though...I guess that's the silver lining in the cloud.
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heart issues, angina, hypertension, palps, weak interatrial anyurism, 52% EF
hyyperlipidea/ high cholesterol
hypercalcimia/ high calcium
low vitamin D.....LOL with high calcium...get that!?
aneamia/  low iron
hypoglycemia/ low sugar
hyperglycemia now/..Diabetes... high sugar... LOL...Ya
high  retic, TIBC, transferrin, WBC, and creatinine
low % sat on iron, ferritan
And now questioning cancer.... Ya..... I think they are wrong though so I'm not going threw any more dang test.
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Hashimotos , hypothyroid, RA, Possibly now depression Cysts for sure
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Gallbladder removed
Interstitial Cystitis
Epstein Barr virus/CFS
Kidney cysts

I've got alot of other issues that are in my journal :)

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Let's see: (other than these I'm in great shape ;)
Kidney stones (3 times)
Toxemia in pregnacy
High Blood pressure
Sarcoidosis (in remission)
Gall Bladder removed
hyperydroisis with sympathectomy
Acid reflux
high cholesterol
currently irregular heartbeat
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leaky heart valve
asthma \ air hunger
Dry eyes
swollen feet
fungal infections
High Inflammation markers in blood
thick gloopy blood
High blood pressure

All very loverly and probably not necessary if they had taken notice of my symptoms earlier in my life, and I am menopausal too, stand back everyone big mamma is on the prowl :O
luv Dawnx
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I have had numerous problems!
hyperthyroid/grave disease before Iodine radiation
I had my gallbladder out. Had stomach scopes.
Chronic abdominal pain and bowel problems which I just had diagnosed as Celiac disease.  
joint pain
chronic fatigue
accelerated heart rate
muscle exhaustion – sever pain for days when I lift weights.
The muscles in my shoulder seize up to the point that I get numbness in my harms and fingers. I get golf ball sized knots in my shoulder blades.    
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I've given up on mine - he resents anyone else with a brain.  Looking elsewhere, cuz I've given enough of my life to this stupid disease and refuse to give up my brain to my PCP.  Thanks to all you great people here, I know what I'm lookin' for and refuse to stop until I find it.  Already discovered a conversion problem (no thanks to my pcp) and started on cytomel (also no thanks to pcp) - what a difference!!  Woohooo - feeling better than I have in a long time.  Not thinking that's the end of it, so trying to prepare for the next round!!  "Hashi attacks" come fast and furious sometimes.  
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Gees Barb!
Mine is great but took some training in the Thyroid Department lol .
Good Luck with yours :)
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I'm hypoT (with all the dreaded symptoms in varying degrees!) and also currently struggling with a T4/T3 conversion problem/cellular resistance - linked to my Vit D deficiency, my zinc/copper imbalance, my gluten sensitivity & a suspected oestrogen dominance. Things are improving, but it's a slow process.

I'm also a 'bad back' sufferer. I've got a large herniated disc at L4/5 & a smaller bulging disc with an annular tear at L3/4.  

Added to this, I get 'mondayitis' atleast once a week & seem to have an extremely low bullsh%t tolerance. Lol.

Rach  : )    
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Hyperthyroidism, graves, goiter, pernecious anemia, meniere's disease, raynauds, GED, fibromyalgia, vitamin D deficient, restless legs, heart murmur, previous lyme diagnosis, arthritis

I think that's it, but I always seem to forget something, don't we all!!
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At least your doctor talks to you - mine just turns his back and leaves the room; Looking for another!!  lol
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Psoriatic Arhtritis (or Rheumatoid)
Chronic Costial Chondritis (i hate hate hate it)
Heart Murmur

and a slight case of Hulk-itis (you dont want to see me when im angry!)
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Hehe Barb....my Doc just tells me ' You really are NOT normal Deb' lol.
As if I didnt already know that lol! :)
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I put 2, but forgot some as well.  

Hypothyroidism/Hashimoto's/Thyroid nodules
Pernicious Anemia
Bile Gastritis
Leaky Heart Valve
Sleep Issues

And like redheadaussie"
red hair
male and work intolerance ------  good ones!!  lol
hypochondria (according to my PCP!!  lol)
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Graves Disease & Hyperthyroidism (before RAI)
Heart Murmur
Leaking Mitral & Tricuspid valves (heart)
Kidney stones
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Gees...I didnt think I had so many lol

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I put 2, but I'm wrong... forgot a heap of them....

Asthma & allergies,
Probable celiac / malabsorption issues
Pituitary microadenoma,
Diabetes (diet and exercise), but insulin dependent GD during pregnancy...

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crohnes-in remission, but still there...
ulcerative colitis/proctitis- in remission
malabsorption syndrome
aspergers syndrome
kidney stones/leaking too much calcium- no clue as to why.
allergies to enviromental/foods
hypersensitivity to just about any drug

I have been told... most.. are auto immune.  

im like.. um.. ok . thanks.
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mild asthma
nodule on the right side of thyroid (go to endo for first time march 24)
gallbladder removed
ovarian cyst
extreme fatigue
according to doctors i have acid reflux (i do not get it often, maybe once or twice a month)

more than i thought, i said four.
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Ahhh doctors...they just *love* me.  LOL  I make sure they're earning salary yearly!  :p

*Thyroid...R lobe Cyst and Nodule..."mild" (yet severely symptomatic) hypo
*Chronic Costial Chondritis (to which I've stopped going to the docs about...it's a waste)
*Migraine Headaches
*PCOS (I'm still skeptical on this...but the docs say I have it...whatev!)
*Sleeping Issues...5 years now.  I need like a Sleepers Anon. Group for this one!  We should meet daily at 2am to 3am!!!!  Grrrrrrrrr!

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Let's see...
Severe anemia
High cholesterol
Low calcium issues
Low Vit D issues
Severe PMS
Clinical Depression
Sleep Apnoea
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Thyroid removed
Thyroid medication intolerance
Red Hair
Male intolerance
Work intolerance
Sleep deprived
etc etc

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