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Do you have many conditions besides Thyroid?

Do you have many conditions besides Thyroid?
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I am bi polar
Love Venora
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Low iron stores, was very anemic..On iron tablets for it.. Low ferriton or something
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I have hypothyroidism and undifferentiated connective tissue disease.  According to my rheumy it is more than likely Lupus and possibly fibromyalgia, as well.  I have yet to get an offical diagnosis.
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thyroidism -not sure which one at this point
allergies- allergy shots
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Let me count them up here:

Kidney Stones
Removed Melanoma
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Let's see...
Severe anemia
High cholesterol
Low calcium issues
Low Vit D issues
Severe PMS
Clinical Depression
Sleep Apnoea
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Thyroid removed
Thyroid medication intolerance
Red Hair
Male intolerance
Work intolerance
Sleep deprived
etc etc

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Ahhh doctors...they just *love* me.  LOL  I make sure they're earning salary yearly!  :p

*Thyroid...R lobe Cyst and Nodule..."mild" (yet severely symptomatic) hypo
*Chronic Costial Chondritis (to which I've stopped going to the docs about...it's a waste)
*Migraine Headaches
*PCOS (I'm still skeptical on this...but the docs say I have it...whatev!)
*Sleeping Issues...5 years now.  I need like a Sleepers Anon. Group for this one!  We should meet daily at 2am to 3am!!!!  Grrrrrrrrr!

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mild asthma
nodule on the right side of thyroid (go to endo for first time march 24)
gallbladder removed
ovarian cyst
extreme fatigue
according to doctors i have acid reflux (i do not get it often, maybe once or twice a month)

more than i thought, i said four.
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crohnes-in remission, but still there...
ulcerative colitis/proctitis- in remission
malabsorption syndrome
aspergers syndrome
kidney stones/leaking too much calcium- no clue as to why.
allergies to enviromental/foods
hypersensitivity to just about any drug

I have been told... most.. are auto immune.  

im like.. um.. ok . thanks.
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I put 2, but I'm wrong... forgot a heap of them....

Asthma & allergies,
Probable celiac / malabsorption issues
Pituitary microadenoma,
Diabetes (diet and exercise), but insulin dependent GD during pregnancy...

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Graves Disease & Hyperthyroidism (before RAI)
Heart Murmur
Leaking Mitral & Tricuspid valves (heart)
Kidney stones
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Gees...I didnt think I had so many lol

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I put 2, but forgot some as well.  

Hypothyroidism/Hashimoto's/Thyroid nodules
Pernicious Anemia
Bile Gastritis
Leaky Heart Valve
Sleep Issues

And like redheadaussie"
red hair
male and work intolerance ------  good ones!!  lol
hypochondria (according to my PCP!!  lol)
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