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Enlarged Thyroid

Greetings, I'm interested in taking an iodine supplement with 225 Mgc. Is this safe to take?
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Iodine supplementation is usually given to the people who live in iodine deficient regions; the dose I believe is no more then 150 mcg; in other cases it can be risky without consulting the doctor (may trigger hyperthyroidsm, especially at such high dose and if hot nodules are present)
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Before you take anything, make sure you know the side effects and what could possibly happen if you take too much.
Research into it more.
Personally I wouldnt touch it.
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Gee MJ - This is a hard thing to know for sure. I have been doing some reading on this treatment and still feel unsure exactly - I know the conversation came up over on the Complementary Medicine Forum here at MedHelp.

You can definately look over that information and ask away anything like that there too!

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