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Ok - for us thyroid football freaks!!! I was passing by the TV this morning and caught a report of the Brett Farve saga.

AGAIN - he is retired?!?!?!?!?   LOL LOL

As some know I am a cheese head from WI and love the Pack - but when he pulled his stunt last year with Green Bay I said "Good Riddens" as he skampered off to NY.

If you recall our new QB had a great first year I we will cheer him on next football season!

Now the reason I bring this up is b/c ChitChatNine and I got into some discussion about "preformance" with this icon football star and I must ask -

"Hey C - "..... are you say'n - "See ya" to him now too as he looks towards the Vikings to save him now????

I think he should become a Chicago Bear....... ( waiting for a chime in here from MKlazca if she is around still)

Goes to show.......... he should of let things lie - after his amazing career with Green Bay. Now all I can do is shake my head.

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That's ok.  Here our football is way different from other places in the world.  What most other countries call football, we call soccer and for me that is like watching paint dry.  Sorry if I stepped on any toes.  : )  But I really have not watched football here in years.  I really don't watch any sports very much.  I work all week and when I am home on the weekends, when it's nice, I am mowing lawn (very large lawn) dinking around in the flower garden, or cleaning house.  Very boring here.  Unless there happens to be a snake in the lawn somewhere.  It get's hilariously funny then apparently as I can't stand those things.  I jump, holler, scream, run...if ever I bump into a poisenous one, I'm dead.  Unless the snake dies from a heart attack first.  I'm a very scary person.  
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Same here Redhead lol !
Its like watching paint dry :)
oops sorry guys lol
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Hee hee ..totally another language to an Aussie here. Our football (footy) season started recently and every one here talks about that....shame I don't follow the footy at all!
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Actually the vikings....that could be a good fit.  
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Yep, I think he should be done.  He's all gray and grisly.  Wimpy and whiny.  What other team can we send him too?  and since you're a fan of the cheese heads.  I'll try really hard to be nice about the team, because I really think that I like you.  I live in Iowa, we got nothing.  So I can like anyone.  : )
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