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Getting my TT on Thursday

Im getting my TT on Thursday and I am terrified! I am only 23 years old and I dont know. I am just scared that something is going othappen. Also.... those of you that have had one done. I am a server. When do you think I will be able to go back to work? Also does everyone gain weight after TT? I really need to lose weight not gain more!
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We'll sure  be thinking of you on Thursday, Kelly and sending good vibes your way.  I had mine done 2.5 years ago - full TT - but I don't have a server job.  I'm at a computer all day.  I took a week off, and then went back part-time.  My boss was very cooperative and supportive.  I'm not sure about lifting things at work.  Sorry.

The best day was the one when I could finally have a full shower and wash my hair.  

I didn't gain weight after TT and neither did the roommate I had.  We've kept in touch.  She was 30 something when she had her operation.  Her little guy was 11 months old.  She kept taking him for walks with the dog while she was recovering.  I kept going for walks with our dog, and then running again very slowly.  

We'll be thinking of you on Thursday, OK?

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Hi there. TT is really not as bad as you might think. I have had over 14 operations and the two thyroid ones were really a walk in the park compared to the knee ones!
Generally speaking, provided there are no complications (and these are not common) you should be up and about as soon as you feel like it. Working can take a little longer. A week or so is usually about the right time. BUT it really depends on YOU, how to cope with anesthetic, recovery time, going home from hospital, if you have someone to do your laundry, cleaning etc for a few days. No lifting for at least 2 weeks.
   Provided you are on the right dose of medication you shouldn't gain weight. That really is an old fashioned idea stemming from back in the 60's etc when the doses were not given correctly and people suffered badly.

I lost a ton of weight even though my does was incorrect and I was very hypo for many months.

Good luck!
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I haven't had a TT, but will be thinking of you anyway and pray that all goes well.  

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I had a TT in Dec 09 and I was also nervous and i'm 43..LOL. As long as you feel comfortable with your Surgeon, you will be fine. Recovery depends on the patient. Stitches were removed 5 days after surgery for me and i was back to myself (surgery wise) about 2wks after surgery. You may develop some minor issues due by having no thyroid such as: Low calcium...which will show signs of muscle aches, spasms, numbness..and having calcium supplements on hand are very helpful (speak to your surgeon). Weight Gain may occur however as soon as i was able (2mos after surgery), I was back in the gym and actually lost weight so that also depends on the person.

Will Pray for you....to have a speedy recovery. Best Wishes!
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