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Hashimoto's and ThyCa among teenage and young adult woman

I would highly recommend reading this article! (http://www.westonaprice.org/blogs/kdaniel/2012/02/02/thyroid-cancer-on-the-rise-is-soy-a-cause/#comment-1647)
Let’s investigate what are the reasons for increasing  of the Hashimoto's and thyroid cancer among white girls aged between 16 and 23 from middle socioeconomic class? One group of factors includes wide publicity (the cancer survivors sharing their stories via Internet blogs and Youtube) and high ultrasound resolution (many got tumors less then 1 cm removed; in the past such tumors could not be detected) Other group of factors includes: special RAPID weight loss diets (few got diagnosed with cancer after successful rapid weight loss), oral contraceptives and secret intense sex life (many girls were living with “amazing boyfriends”) and makeup ingredients (many girls with thyroid disorders are owning “Beauty channels” on Youtube). In my opinion, it is way too much to wear full scale makeup every day for going to school, instead of spending time on healthy and or learning activities.

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I read the article you posted the link to, and I. thought it was very interesting.

However, now that I read your synopsis again, did you post the link you meant to post?  The link has nothing to do with the factors you mention, but rather relates to radiation and soy intake...the "secret intense sex life" wasn't even mentioned and really sounded much more interesting!  LOL

Thanks for the article...especially found the findings on soy very thought-provoking.
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I read the article, too and most interested in the part about soy.

Kept looking for the bit about the secret intense sex life, but I didn't find it either!!  LOL

Thanks for the article, though.  That's a good link to hang onto.
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I think.....
The info about "secret intense sex life"
might be found on the Dr. Phil  show and may include " Secret Housewives" as well!!!
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Well, "I" really wanted to read about the 'secret intense sex life" because I'm pretty sure that's what made me hypo!  LOL
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Well my wife is hypo and I can say it is a libido killer.  Not some secret sex life nympho.  Or maybe her sex life IS secret??????  Things that make you say Hummmmmm
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What I meant  to add was "secret housewives and their Amazing boyfriends!!!"
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The number of posts on this thread, in a very short time, is amazing.  Clearly "secret intense sex life" drew a lot of interest and participation.  I only wondered if we Amazing Boyfriends were immune to the identified concerns associated with a secret intense sex life.  Or I guess we could call it the after effects from the afterglow.  LOL
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