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Having PCOS and thyroid problem

I have been detected with PCOS & Thyroid disorder around 3 month ago. My test results are as follows:

TESTS                Test result       Normal value
FREE T3                     2.85         2.30-4.20
FREE T4                     1.00       0.89-1.76
TSH, ULTRASENSTIVE  8.442        0.550-4.780

TESTS                 Test result       Normal value
FSH                            5.51     2nd day of period
LH                            13.2       -do-
TESTOSTERONE    43.48       -do-
GLUCOSE FASTING     82                70-100
GLUCOSE (PP)            113        70-140
INSULIN FASTING    11.8       2.0-25.0
INSULIN PP            68.6       5.0-55.0

TESTS                       Test result Normal value
FREE T3                          3.18          2.30-4.20
FREE T4                          1.44   0.89-1.76
TSH, ULTRASENSTIVE 3.273 0.550-4.780

For thyroid doctor has advised me to take thyroxine sodium tablets (50mg). I am taking the same for last 3 months. For PCOS, I have stopped taking medicines, due to very severe side effects. I have consulted dietitian for a PCOS diet and joined gym to reduce weight, as suggested by doctor. Now I have reduced some weight.
my normal periods are of 45 days. Initially i have gone to doctor as i do not got periods for last 75 days. But now again my periods are back to normal i,e, 45 days.
Now should i stop taking thyroid medicine or I have to take it for life long. What step should I take as precaution for PCOS. kindly advice.
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Hi I was wondering how you were diagnosed to have pcos? Just by hormone levels? My FSH and LH are around the same as your. I have had three periods since sept 4th. What are the symptoms?
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Lower abdomen ultrasound has detected my PCOD.
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