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Hi, my PTH is 13 (upper reference limit 7.5). My ionized Ca is slightly over the upper limit. I have hypothyroidism, for which I take Thyroid. My free T3 is near the upper limit, but I still have odd symptoms. I wonder whether I have hyperparathyroidism. How much should PTH be increased for diagnosis of hyperparathyroidism? I fear my FESS operation and other future operations because My Ca and also Na are often increased. I have many risks, eg. possibility to atrial fibrillation, infects (immune deficiency).
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i also am hypo, and worry that i have hpt, i would love to ask, or answer some questions. u can email me ***@**** anytime, or if you can call- its 5027442713. i have had A LOT  of symptoms that no one can figure out..also, did they check your vitamin d levels??
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I saw today an endo. He said that I can be hyperthyroid and the symptoms result from it. My free T3 is high normal. Because it is not over normal, I think I am not hyperthyroid.

I have had periods of muscle weakness since 2002 (even bladder weakness), but last December my neck was seriously weak I almost could not keep my head up. I also had aches in my left arm. Then, In January 2011 I had many symptoms. My upper back, shoulders and neck trembled, I had tinnitus, neuropathy-like symptoms in feet, restlessness and sometimes could not sleep, polyuria nad nocturia. I have symptoms only every now and then, at other times I feel well (due to Erfa's Thyroid medication).

What are your symptoms? Have you results of PTH or calcium?

My vitamin D level is normal.  I take oil capsules of vitamin D.
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im having my pth tested on the 25th, calcium was 13, vitamin d was 2, b12 low, folic acid low, hashimotos disease. my symptoms started all in one day with weak neck, pulling to the left, jerking to the right. tremors in my arms and legs when i lift them.
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How long have you had the symptoms?
During the last few days I have had tachycardia episodes and muscle cramps in legs. Today in morning I awoke having tachycardia and pain in the neck. Just now my ears are ringing.
My PTH and ionized Ca were still high on Aug 10. I wonder, whether I have hyperparathyroidism or not. D25 result was not yet ready. Next week I shall have TT on my lungs.
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Your PTH and Calcium should NEVER be high (or low) at the same time. -Even if your D levels are low. I had HPT for 4 years before it was diagnosed (due to dr ineptitude!) and I finally diagnosed myself (after the 7th kidney stone in 2 yrs) and refused to leave my Dr's office until she ordered the PTH test. Puh.
I had to be put on a Beta Blocker medication (propanolol) to control my tachycardia. I had horrid headaches every day, was urinating every 30 mins, chronic heartburn, severe constipation, female hormone issues, hot flashes, muscle cramps/ twitches, and I ached everywhere. Sound familiar? The up side was, hours after the tumor was out -I was a new person...
If your vitamin D level is low, it is because it is the pre-curser to the agent that causes calcium to be absorbed. -Your levels are too high now, so if you are HPT, you body is trying its best to halt absorption in efforts to lower the levels. Unfortunately, if the malfunctioning parathyroid is excreting too much PTH, it is ripping calcium from your bone stores...Aren't I full of good news? :P ~MM
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Thank you for your supportive reply. It confims my own thoughts. I'd like to have the official diagnosis from doctors. Everything goes so slowly here. Doctors don't undestand what is hyperparathyroidism. Again an endo wanted to check the calcium values. He criticized the parathyroid.com pages, which I gave to him. If calcium is so slightly above the upper control value, then I cannot have symptoms of hypecalcemia. The parathyroid.com pages say that one can have symptoms even if calcium level is not very high. I have had strange symptoms for many years. They must be duo to a disease other than hypothyroidism (Thyroid medication is working welll).

My D-vitamin level has been normal. I fear that my bones are further losing calcium. I had osteopenia in 2008, but the bone calcium had since then incresed due to Ideos (it has both calcium and vitamin D). Then in 2009 I could no more use it, maybe due to too much Ca in my blood. Since then I have taken vitamin D 50-80 microg, which also has increased my bone calcium (no osteopenia). A doctor said that I don't need to take D during summer.

I fear that taking of D vitamin can cause calcification of my soft tissues, eg. heart and blood vessels. I also fear future surgical operations, shoulder joint and sinus operation. I have a lung tumour and wonder if it must be operated. After an anaesthesia I am in a poor condition for 1 to 2 days.

Yesterday I went to the hospital (lung and ENT departments) and gave a paper on my diseases and which medicines are riscable during anaesthesia and surgical operation. I have to defend myself, because doctors do not take into consideration possible other diseases.

I hope that my normal condition could be restored. Maybe I don't fill the criteria for parathyroid operation and I should still wait for many years. I'd like to have the sestamibi scan performed. It may be very expensive. At the end of August I shall travel to another town to see another endo spec. The things must not continue like this!
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If you find someone to do a Sestamibi scan, make sure they have done tons of them as a poorly done one can give a false negative. Perhaps an ultrasound may work -my tumor was the size of a chicken egg and was easily found despite it's trying to tunnel under my collarbone. In the case of a parathyroid tumor, size does not matter however. Even a grape-sized one can wreak havok.
Speaking from experience, if you have a parathyroid tumor, the sooner you have it removed, the better. You body will reach a point where it can no longer compensate (keep the calcium levels near-normal in your blood) and the resulting spike can cause a stroke or heart attack. Something else you might want to investigate is pituitary-driven problems. MENS syndrome for one can effect several endocrine systems (thyroid, pancreas, parathyroid, female hormone, etc.) and can also present with tumors popping up.
If you do end up getting surgery, it is SO important to find someone who is familiar with that specialty as a bungling surgeon can cause permanent damage.

I wish you luck in your pursuit. Even where I live where specialists are near, I still had to stand my ground and be my own advocate to get diagnosed. You'll be in my thoughts and "well health" wishes. ((((HUGZ)))) ~MM
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I usually have pain in my neck in the morning. This day early in the morning I awoke with sweating and weak and sore neck muscles. Even the respiratory muscles were somewhat weak. Now I am sitting with a cloth wrapped around my neck. I wonder whether these are symptoms of hyperparathyroidism. On August 30 I shall see the other Endo and ask for hyperparathyroidism. My parathyroids were not seen with MRI and possibly cannot be seen with ultrasound or TT either. I think that doctors do not prescribe a technetium-sestamibi scan here if calcium levels are not very high.

Tomorrow I shall have TT scanning for my lung tumour. They give me iodid for contrast medium. Last time I felt the iodid hot in my veins. After the scan I must drink a lot of water to elimintae the contrast medium. How would possible hypercalcemia react with the iodid? A creatinine test was taken this morning. What about if excess calcium would disturb iodid elimination?
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Yesterday I saw and Endo doctor. He said that I don't have hyperparathyroidism but am short of vitamin D. I had dropped my vit D dose because a doctor suggested to do so for summer. My vit D level in August was 37 (reference over 40). He said that the level in blood should be 80! I am still wondering why my ionized calcium was high at the same time as PTH was high. A few days ago I began to take 50 microg vit D (the same dose as in last spring). I'll take this dose till the end of this year and then the level in my blood should be meaured. I think this will lead to the level about 60 as it was in spring. Why can I not take 75 microg dose already? The doctor said that too high doses will be dangerous.

I have not yet results from the lung TT or MRI taken for cervical vertebrae (sore and weak neck muscles).
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I was called by a lung specialist. He told that my lung tumour has not grown larger during the last three months. So we shall do the next TT scan after one year. The tumour cannot be specified.

I am confused due to the endocrinologist's conclusion. According to parathyroid.com pages hypercalcemia cannot be caused by low vitamin D.
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It is never normal to have high calcium (even slightly high calcium). Nor is it normal to have high PTH.  You should be getting a second opinion, and a third if necessary.

Untreated hyperparathyroid has very severe consequences.  However, it is fairly easily treated.
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I have been seeking clearing for this from February.  If I shall get the diagnosis of hyperparathyroidism, maybe it is not worth of an operation. It has so high criteria. I know a person, who has hyperparathyroidism and is depressed all the time, and no operation is planned. I'll see an Endo on September 12.

Just a moment ago I heard my MRI result. My cervical nerve roots are not compressed and vertebral disci are not bulged. There is slight scoliosis in my neck. Facette arthrosis was seen, but that was already seen in the Roentgen. Maybe there is nothing to clarify fully why I have pain and weakness in the neck and left arm.
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