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My general practitioner told me my thyroid was overactive. My pulse races but my blood pressure stays pretty good. I'm not on metoprolol because my blood pressure seems ok. I take it at least 20 times daily. I'm scared to death of everything I've read on the internet. I take Paxil for my long time anxiety attacks. Plus I was prescribed Xanax for my nerves because I feel jittery all the time. Have hard time sleeping. Please someone just give me a little bit of positive news. I'm literally scared to death. Have no energy. I just don't know what to do anymore. I go to see an endo on Tuesday but I'm scared something bad will happen before then. I break down crying all the time. My family says I'm causing my physical symptoms by freaking out. Please someone just talk to me.
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I'm just really scared!!! Can anybody help me??
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Lisa, I truly feel for you, I went thru something similar, I went thru something called a thyroid storm, my pulse fast anxiety couldn't sleep, I just felt horrible and scared I truly feel for you. I went on line to find foods that will help me while I too waited for my appointment with the endo, what i found was carrot juice i drank lots of it, we have ajuicer so I bought big bags of carrots, plus I read and was told goitrogen vegitable like cabbage and broccoli must eat them raw these help to lower your thyroid hormone, and it worked for me. It might help you till you go to the doctor. Also when you go in make sure they test your TSH and Free T3 and FreeT4 and you should have them test for Graves, do you have bulging eyes? thats one sign for Graves they thought I had graves but when they tested me for it I was Neg. I just had nodules. The best thing to do while waiting to see the doctor is stay calm if possible and if you can get ahold of carrot juice try it. I truly feel for you, it is so scarry I know . Take care Debbie
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Lisa you might also want to get tested for Vit D and Vit B12 and Ferriton these all work together with your thyroid. Make sure when you get these test done, and the others, make sure you get your results plus the ranges to all your tests and post them, and those on this forem who are very knowledgable will walk you thru them.  Most doctors will look at a test and if your in range will say your just fine, while actually you could be very low in that particular test.Well try to stay calm, I know its easier said then done, but try, Take care, debbie
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Thank you Debbie. Its nice hearing from someone that knows what I'm going thru. I definitely keep an eye on my heart rate and blood pressure. So far their staying good. I'm really praying for good news on Tuesday. Ty so much for replying. It helps. Its all so new that I'm just overwhelmed. Haven't had anybody to talk to. I have really bad health anxiety also. So you van imagine
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Hi Lisa.....I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism (for me Grave's) almost 3 yrs ago.  I had the anxiety and the intermittent fast heart rate---for me my heart rate got as high as 170 but even at rest it was 108.  My md had started me on a beta blocker and mine was a long acting one called Toprol (metoprolol)--this beta blocker helped immensely.  It kept my heart rate under control and decreased my anxiety.  I was started on a low dose (12.5mg) and then  it was increased depending on how well it controlled my symptoms.  The beta blocker blocks the body's response to the thyroxine (produced from your thyroid)--the over abundant thyroxine in your body makes the heart race and makes you anxious and gives you many other uncomfortable symptoms.  I found that the beta blocker was the only thing that helped me until the anti-thyroid med was started. The anti anxiety medication they wanted me to take  made me feel like I had one drink too many--I took it once at the insistence of the ER md--I was very shaky and anxious and my heart rate was 170's--they were trying to give it to me intravenously and I refused but agreed to take it as a pill--not happy  that I was coerced into it. They wanted me to chill so they could give me the beta blocker intravenously and I was afraid to get the beta blocker intravenously because I was afraid my blood pressure would bottom out. I was fine with the IV beta blocker.  It controlled my rapid heart rate and stopped the shakes and anxiety.  Check with your md about a low dose beta blocker.  Things will get better..make sure your md is making the medication adjustments--don't stop anything cold turkey especially the paxil or Xanax because if stopped suddenly they can cause pretty bad withdrawal symptoms.  Best of luck.   Things will get better.                Carolyn
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I am a big chicken when it comes to meds. My Dr prescribed me metoprolol 25mgs. I took it one time and by the next morning I ached all over. It felt like I had been beaten. So I'm not taking it. I go see the endo today and am praying it all goes well. I'm scared to death. Ive heard such bad stories about what can happen. I'm at the point now I wish they'd just put me out and fix it all. Wake me when I'm better. Lol.
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