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Insurance Changing at Work, New Provider Doesn't Accept It

I am BEYOND frustrated. After 5 years of dealing with clueless doctors, I finally found a great doctor in September to treat my thyroid from a functional medicine approach. I am midway through switching my meds to Tirosint (she has not gotten the script called in yet) and all my follow ups and 6 week blood work are with her only to find out today, sorry we only take BCBS PPO. My company is switching from Humana to BCBS Blue Care HMO and Blue Options POS.

I am panic-stricken having to find a new doctor at this stage and even more panicked that I may not find one who listens or is open to all available medication options, including compounded forms.

This is the worse possible time for this to happen :'(
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I'm very sorry to hear this... perhaps the doctor you've been working with can recommend someone that takes your insurance...

As an alternative, perhaps you could find out if they would accept out of pocket payment and possibly reduce the price... Once you get things established, visits to the doctor regarding thyroid are not real often, so it wouldn't tend to be very expensive.  If there's any way you can possibly afford it, perhaps that would be the best option, if your doctor can't recommend anyone or they won't work with you any other way... talk to them and see - just don't give up!!
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I appreciate the feedback Barb and the helpful suggestions. Their office is closed for the day, so I will call them and ask them what my options are at this stage. I hate that my blood draw for the retest is in limbo unless she is open to me getting my own testing.
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Wow - they close early for the day... I'd be on the horn first thing tomorrow morning trying to see what I could figure out with them.  

I'm not sure why she wouldn't be open to you getting your own blood work, as long as you get what she tells you to... There are online sites, from which you can order, that send you to nationally recognized labs.  It's worth a shot.
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I understand your frustration, I went through similar issues this year and will be next year. I pay for my "required" insurance (that covers nothing) and this year was brutally expensive for me.

fyi - I learned something talking to medical billing agents - generally when a bill goes over $100 for labs, hospital bills, appts etc. You can speak directly with billing and ask for a "paid in full" discount. It ranges from 15% to 30% and can go on a credit card (does not have to be cash).

Each place has their own policy, but ask them all - this could help cut your bill down should you have to pay for labs. I also negotiated before treatment with some places re reducing my costs.

The other thing I have done is flat out ask my doc to let me "stockpile" meds and limit labs to save me money.

Good luck to you, Kel

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