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Itchy - very corse whiskers!!

OK I thought I'd put this out there.

I have about 7 whiskers ( super fast growing) that pop up on my chin. The are thick and really course and grow - NO LIE overnight.

I do have an increase fuzz also on my cheek upper lip ( Thank God I am blonde)

Does anyone else have that - and what blood test should I consider to see if I have a sex hormone out of whack?

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I believe that one is testosterone. I am being checked for that as well.
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Must be my age cause I got that too...I either pluck with tweezers..or wax...I dont know which is worse.  
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OMG......I have these too........my hair is dark, so the best thing that has happened to me is they are turning white (or gray), I  have been plucking for years. Now a couple of soft dark ones are growing on my cheeks.

I don't know which one, when I was on progesterone cream is when the fuzz started growing all over. But years ago when I did the saliva test it showed too much testosterone and low in prog. and estro. Maybe just the imbalance. Anyone know what else to do about them.....other than shave?   Maybe some home remedy to scrub them away ?????
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Hi Stella, well maybe I can shed some light on your extra unwanted hair growth or at least give you some info that might help you out. I am a Electrologist (retired) so I know a little about this issue. I'm not sure how old you are but most women do in fact have unwanted hair growth but it isn't something you'll hear them talking about at your local Tupperware party so don't think your alone. If all women live long enough they are destined to get some kind of unwanted hair.

There can be endocrine disorders that cause it but birth control is a biggie. Also when a women goes through puberty, pregnancy or menopause it is VERY common for women to get unwanted hair growth but by pulling, shaving, waxing etc can stimulate more hair growth. If one tweeze's or waxes it's kind of like a plant (if you prune it, it will grow back fuller & darker) stronger trying to hang on for the next removal.  Waxing is the WORSE because it takes the smaller lighter hairs along with the coarser ones and they will begin to grow darker and thicker becoming a soon to be uncontrolled growth. I always used to say if women could have followed me around just one day at work they'd never touch another hair on their face again. I've seen it many times women with full growth beards that would make a man envy just from their own removal attempts. (so so bad)

Here's the key... If women would just leave the unwanted normal hair growth alone during there times in her life as I mentioned above it would most likely go away but our own home removal methods can and will make it permanent. This is just a quick note about hair growth but I do know that when ANY of the hormone levels get off in the endocrine system (any or them) it can cause unwanted hair growth and this is why I learned early on even before my own thyroid issues to send all my clients to a Endocrinologist if I was suspecting hormonal issues because all the electrology in the world won't help unless the hormones are first leveled correctly.  

I was taught in training ... Never to let just anyone regulate your hormones other then a Endocrinologist who specialize's in this field. What is normal for one isn't always for another so a Endo is best. Juli
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Most women approaching menopause will usually have some unwanted facial hair. Perimenopause can last for years.  I usually just pull any unwanted hair. Luckily its very light or white.
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...Old "selma" has a few pop up over night..I was getting obsessed...everytime I passed a mirror I had to check ...did another one pop out?? lol....it's sooooo crazy...I pluck em when I see em.
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