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Kidney stones-pituatary thyroid

I am a 21 year-old female who has passed 12 kidney stones in the past 2.5 years.  Both of my grandfathers and one aunt from each side of my family have passed stones.  I have seen several urologists and nephrologists, but the only response I get is that it runs in the family and I will have to deal with it.  After much begging, my current nephrologist has run more test to check my pituatary thyroid.  Is this something that can lead to kidney stones or am I headed down another dead end trail?  If this can lead to kidney stones is it something that can be helped?  Any words of advice or wisdom are greatly appreciated.

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I see your key words on your post has calcium levels and parathyroid. Have you been checked for those.

There are two members ( that I know of) that had stones pretty bad. hopefully bumbing this up will get you more answers.

I just went through a full blood panel checking my parathyroids The five tests to either confirm or rule out a problem with the parathroid is:

PTH  Normal ranges are : 14-72
Vit D Normal                    anything greater than 30 is normal
Phosphorus   normal         2.5-4.5
CAlcium/serum    normal   8.4 - 10.2
Calcium ionized   normal   1.17 - 1.31

The odds of it being a hyperparathyroid for you is minimal because of your age - but it can happen.

Hopefully other members here may have some additional answers.

Good luck
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I'm one of the kidney stone people on the community  .. I'm a calcium oxalate producing kidney stone person with no known metabollic reason.  .  I promise to write some more later ... haver you had 24hr urine and tons of bloodwork done and all is normal I assume?

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I just got the results of my 24hr urine and bloodwork tests back.  My nephrologist determined everything was in normal range and there was nothing more she could do to help with the kidney stones.  I have been passing a stone about every other month and I am now very frustrated with the idea of having nothing to do.
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Same here re: the kidney stones!

I'm looking for answers also.

Currently my PTH and serum calcium are normal and my ionized calcium is high.

Serum calc has been high end of normal in the past.  PTH normal.

What a quandary.

Tired of passing kidney stones!

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