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Muscles pain/Finger joint pain

I am male 35 years old , dealing with Hashi/Hypo since 2006 . My TSH level is also fluctuating from Hyper to Hypo , i don't remember a single month when i am completely symptoms free. Currently i am taking 75mcg of synthyroid on March 12th my TSH was 1.40 FT4 1.4 as well. Since few days i am back to Hypo again i guess all hypo symptoms seems to be back.
My major complains are

Muscles aches/Joint pains.. Specially in my fingers (left is the worst) . I am computer engineer so i do typing quite a but but that lot i used to do.
Lack of energy .
I used to have peripeheral neuropathic symptoms like tingling/numbness but those are gone now . I don't have those any more.
Burning eyes
Lack of sleep
Exercise intolerance .
Very dry mouth /white tongue  if  i brush it looks fine but i have to brush my tongue every day twice.
Hives /ance in fact and some time in chest.

Can any one out there share his  or her story . My anxiety level is too high thinking all the time something else going on

Please response i need some support
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Hi rohit. I just wanted to drop you a post to let you know that you're not alone. I was dx'd in 5/07 and have had all the symptoms you mention as well as a few others. Everyone around here with Hashi's seems to have complained of all of those things at one time or another.

Here's the list of the things that I've experienced-- I won't say that I know for fact that they're related to the thyroid, but boy I sure do here a lot of others in this forum complaining of a lot of these same things:

dry, burning, gritty eyes with copious amounts of yellow discharge at times (I think when they get so dry, they respond as if you have allergies)
pain behind the eyes like a very tight muscle cramp that won't release
pain and ringing in the ears
pain below the ears, clogged ears
parotiditis (parotid gland infection)
muscle aches, pains, cramps
heart racing with elevated blood pressure at times (I'm betting this was the hyper phase)
acid reflux
weight gain (oh yea!)
feet and calf swelling
joint pains (hips, ankles, wrists, shoulders, hips, and thumbs-- how weird!)
ulcers in mouth
swollen gums
numbness and tingling of hands/fingers off and on- usually at night when I sleep

I agree with you: the symptoms are so seemingly unrelated that you really do start to convince yourself that there must be something else going on. I still do that on a daily basis. It's just so hard to go from being totally healthy to having weird symptom after weird symptom and trying to believe that they're all related to your thyroid. I understand how you feel. But there is no use in wasting what little energy you have trying to figure out what's really going on. That's what your doctor gets paid to do!

I hope it helps to know that there are others out here experiencing the same thing and they're always around this forum. Take care~
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Thanks for your detail reply . I feel really good that i am not the only one in the thyroid ride who sees those weird re-occurring symptoms . Do you think white tongue even you brush you tongue and it came back again it could be thrush or yeast infection . Is it common in thyroid to get yeast infection and i also have bad smell in mouth .
I main complain in fatigue and muscles/joint pain.

Please every one share your story to help me come out from this on going anxiety.

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I have these symptoms as well.  My biggest problem is finger pain when I wake up.  When this first started I thought I had carple tunnel.  I was diagnoised with adrenal fatigue as well.  You should research Iodine deficiency.  I think it could help you.
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This post caught my eye as I've had many of the same which(I hope) have resolved with treatment. Just so you know, the post you responded to is nearly 3 years old, so it is unlikely the poster will see it...~MM
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I went to another endo and he tested Iodine also  although it is normal range but he think it should be little more higher so wanted me to put 2 or 3 drops of Iodine in my underneath the foot.
What are other symptoms do you have beside finger pain, have you tested your vitamin D level ?. That can also be the reason for aches and pain. I am taking 50K IU of vitamin every three days that bring up my level from 20 to 51 in 2 months , he wants me to keep at 80 plus level.
Let me know if anything i can help you.
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