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New Lab Reviews...Need Lab Gurus..HELP!

Here are some comparison labs from when I started Armour 3 wks ago to now:
6/10- TSH 3.059  (ref: .35-5.5), Free T4 1.37 (ref: .61-1.76), Free T3 3.5 (ref: 2.3-4.2), cortisol am- 23.3 (4.3-22.4)HIGH
7/2-          2.140                                  1.16                                  3.5                                       29.6  HIGH
glucose came in low at 61 (ref: 65-99)

It looks like my T3 level hasn't changed a bit since I have started the armour....how can this be? Now I have also had a low blood glucose level and my second high am cortisol. I go in tomorrow am for a Dexamethasone test for adrenals. Anyone else done this test??
I don't understand what is going on with my body....I have been sooooo sick again.
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If I say yes to the last question, it can be held against me.


But yeah, all this angst and aggravation makes for some pretty funny remarks. LOL! Maybe we can heal each other with one liners. :o)
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Yeah....yummy steroid pill.....hehe....I will be growing a mustache at midnight..LOL
I guess it is supposed to show if I have cushings or not by the suppression rate. Thanks need the luck....JUst want to get better!!!
They say humor heals???? Then why the heck are we sick????? Some of us here are a bunch of comedians.....picture this.....the Thyroid standups!! They would think we are a bunch of mental patients cut loose!! LOL!!!
Serious though...thyroid makes you mental sometimes when you have hashi's! Am I right?!
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Well, I'm wrong at least as often as the doctors, so I'm thinking I should start charging. LOL!!

Truthfully, I don't know why your T3 hasn't budged. Maybe it has something to do with when the blood was drawn?  

Maybe someone more familiar with Armour has the answer. I hope you get along well on it.

I hear you on the pill taking. "What's in this thing, hmmm???"
By midnight you'll be too groggy to care what's in it. LOL!!
Best of luck.

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I know it was a little soon, but the endo wanted to make sure I wasn't going more hypo with the dosage i started 3 wks ago when i started armour. He was also leery of the armour. So it is too soon to see and increase in the T3 levels? strange as the others are already getting better.
I am a little nervous about taking this dexamethasone pill for my am draw....I have to take it at midnight tonight. I am always chicken about taking pills. :) I hate meds!!
He is thinking cushings but i have low blood pressure, and low glucose levels with high am cortisol. My urine 24 hr showed normal.
Thanks again AR....always nice to hear your point of view. You I consider one of the lab gurus!! lol  
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Are you changing meds, or starting them for the first time?

Three weeks is a little early to tell anything. Any remarks on your hormone levels and med dosage would be speculation at this point.

So I will comment, of course. :o)

Your TSH is dropping, which is good.
Your Free T4 is dropping, which is normal with Armour.
Your Free T3...you will know more about in three more weeks.

Good luck with your test tomorrow.
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