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New test results??

Ok, I've gotten my test results...
RT3 22.5   (9.2-24.1)
FT3 3.6 (2.2-4.4)
Ratio 16
I know this is lower than 20... not sure what that means

Then my hashimoto test
TPO  15 (0-34)
TPP < 1 (0-.9)
Does this mean I do not have Hashi's or does this mean I just have not had an attack yet? I was given a TSI test and antibodies were present but within range.
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Thanks. That's what my doctor has me working on. She want's to retest in 3 months so after the first of the year, it's been about two weeks on the supplements at this point. She may do some additional adrenal testing, she asked me for my previous cortisol tests today.
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Your thyroid labs really do look good.  

Yeah, that B-12 is truly abysmal.  D is also too low for metabolism of thyroid hormones on the cellular level.

If I were you, I'd work on raising those and see if it helps your symptoms.  If thyroid hormones can't get into cells, you are going to feel hypo, even if your thyroid is functioning just fine and your serum thyroid hormone levels are good.  Be sure to follow up with more lab work on these to be sure oral supplements are improving them.  
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TSH 1.32 (.45-4.5)
FT4 1.24 (.82-1.77)
FT3 3.4 (2.0-4.4)

B-12 267 (211-946)
D 37.4 (30-100)
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Would you mind posting your other thyroid test results with reference ranges?
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No meds. I've recently started taking B-12 and Vit D both of which were low with the latest tests that I had.  My thyroid tests all seem to be normal except for this ratio thing....

Symptoms, fatigue, muscle and joint pain and stiffness, numbness in my hands, cold all the time, low temperature, low bp, no sex drive, losing my eyebrows, low metabolism, have trouble losing weight or gain weight for no reason, depressed mood, easily irritable, can't handle stress or I don't handle stress well, high cholesterol despite healthy diet...I'm sure there are others but these are the worst ones...
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I'm sorry...in my last post "FT3:FT4 ratio" should have said "FT3:RT3 ratio".

Both TPOab and TGab can be somewhat elevated if you have another autoimmune disease.  On diagnosis of Hashi's most of us have very high (high hundreds, or even thousands) antibody counts.

Are you on meds?

What are your symptoms?
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Sorry TPP is thyrogolbulin antibodies. That was a typo.
TSI was 42 range 0-139

You read so many things, some say anything at all is positive and some say it have to be above range. So the fact that I have some of both the TPO and TSI has me confused.

If the theory of reverse T3 dominance is correct it would explain some of my symptoms, especially since I have low B 12 which can cause it as well as stress. I realize some of my stress is "self inflicted" but I have a lot of daily stress and I do not react to stress in a good way. I have read that this can cause this also.  
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I'm not sure what it means, either!  It depends who you read.  When I first started researching FT3:FT4 ratio, reference range was "10-20, the closer to the top of the range the better".  Once the whole idea of RT3 dominance started to take hold, the range suddenly changed to "over 20".  In my opinion, your result is marginal.  

What is TPP?  Did they test thyroglobulin antibodies?

What was the result of your TSI?
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