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I am 51 year old woman have just had blood tests calcium level was high then endocrinologist had me do a 24 hr urine then my PTH level in urine is low and Calcium level is high.  What can the reason be and what would treatment be.  Also what other tests should I have done.  I am hypothyroid & take 150 md synthroid, Type II diabetic & take metformin & Byetta, slightly high blood pressure & take atacand, slightly high cholesterol & take zetia & avapro.  I have to call and make an appointment now to see my endocrinologist but would like a 2nd opinion.  I am very upset please help!  
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I can share my own experience...blood test come back with high calcium too.  It kept climbing over several tests.  I was diagnosed with hyperparathryoidism and had surgery to remove one bad gland.  It was the only solution but I'm not sure if that's always the case.  I did have the urine test but it was only a back-up since the drs already were sure.

There was a nuclear scan days before the operation to see which gland was the problem, but it was inconclusive.  So surgery also ended up being somewhat exploratory. This is why a surgeon with skills in endocrine surgery is imperative.

I don't mean to alarm or scare you but just before surgery it was detemined my thyroid was bad too and either was or could turn cancerous.  An ultrasound showed this.  With that, I had my thryoid removed too.  The surgeon said that even if it wasn't cancer but did become so later, it would have to be taken out anyway.  Two surgeries of that kind are difficult so it was better to do both now.  That information hit me like a lead balloon but pathology showed he was right - it was just about to turn to cancer.  I'm glad I went along.

The drs will guide you through what you need.  Since you have other medical conditions your process might be a little more involved.  Best wishes.
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