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Pituitary enlargement questions

Just have some questions.....
after going to my pcp for chronic headaches bck in 2010 she sent me for an MRI with and without contrast said it come back ok!!! Since then I have had several more symptoms visiual disruptions continuious chronic headaches neck pain fatigue muscle aches dizziness nausea major weight gain ect. so change pcp just last week see him for the headaches long story short new doc reviewed 2yr old OLD MRI called me said I have an enlarged pituitary gland which could mean a TUMOR and wants to repeat the mri my question is what causes an enlarged pituitay gland???? Is it really a TUMOR??? Is this enlarged pituitary gland possibly causing my symptoms as well as what is interfering or messing with my thyroid issues as well???? Is it bad I have went 2 yrs untreated? Go for the MRI monday should I be worried or can an enlarged pituitary gland go away on its own??? Should I notify my endo. as well??? Any insight on this would be wonderful kinda worried!!!!
Thanks in advance
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