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Please help - Follicular Neoplasm & Hypo symptoms

HI, this is only my second post as I am new to the thyroid world. I just got my results of my FNA and my Dr. is saying it is a follicular neoplasm and suggests I have the surgery to remove it - possibly the entire right lobe.

Now I have been having symptoms of hypo for about 2.5 years but lately they have been pretty severe. I thought most of it was due to the stress of being a nursing student with two toddlers at home etc... But the rapid weight gain, fatigue, fogginess and memory loss has been awful some days. I went to my primary back in Oct for all of the symptoms and he sent me for an u/s of the thyroid and that is when the nodules were found.
I scheduled with a local endo, whom I do not care for but everyone else had a 3-6 month waiting list... he agreed to the bloodwork I had requested and everything is coming back within range but my T4 was low at 1.0 normal range 0.8 - 1.8. the antibodies came back within normal range also.

Now I went to go over everything with him today and he is telling me to have the surgery but he is TOTALLY dismissing my symptoms and saying they are from something else. I expressed my concern for the low T4 and he said it is perfect. I'm just so frustrated right now because I have been to all of these specialists and everyone is telling me I am fine. I can't even get out of bed sometimes and I just gained 6 lbs in 2 weeks - I am NOT fine.

I am just looking for opinions and advice on both situation at this point. Is a follicular neoplasm a huge concern. He said it is 95% likely that it will be benign. I am def going for a second opinion but I wanted to see what you all had to say. And based on my symptoms, what the heck is this if its not Hashimoto or hypothyroidism??

Thanks to the others who helped me with my last post/question.
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