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RAI next week; experiencing weird symptoms from being hypo?

I moved my RAI to next week so I could be on the LID for a little longer and make sure my TSH was high enough.  I went to the lab this morning and it was 50.  I'm experiencing leg cramps, ringing in my ears, my vision feels "off" and I'm having terrible memory / concentration problems.  Did anyone experience these same issues?  Not sure how I'm going to get through another week!  Is there anything I can do except sleep as much as possible?  Thanks for all your continued support and advice.
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utahmomma   (hope your not sick of me yet) i made a post about hypo hell and tsh coming down.  Why am I more Hyper than hypo especially when my tsh went from 70-8 in 4 days after rai?  As far as Aj1234 yes Im feeling it almost 10 days post rai.  Never really felt it when levels were high, dont quite understand myself but just hangin there I am trying to do the same.
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Yup, you're in "hypohell" - welcome.  Plan on getting very cold and depressed too.  Sorry.  :-(  It can last a few weeks *after* the RAI too because it takes a while for your TSH to come back down.

Hang in there - it's worth killing off the cancer.


papillary carcinoma a plenty
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