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Hi All,
I am so frustrated.

--I had a u/s in July that showed 3 nodules- 1 large one.
--Biopsy- July 9 showed Hurthle cells.

-- Sept 11.- Saw #2 thyroid surgeon at Yale New Haven Hospital- she will be doing my surgery because this is a "thyroid completion" 2nd surgery since I had my left side removed 13 years ago for benign nodules.

--Surgeon told me the my Endo's Lab NEVER sent my slides to Yale for a review so I had to WAIT yet again.

-- NOW.....Yale says slides were indeterminable b/c of lack of cells. Now I have to get ANOTHER biopsy in December.

WHAT? I asked how they would determine a Hurthle cells with insufficient slides. Yale Path cannot answer that.

I've heard of people having to have a second biopsy but I have no answers as to how they came up with the initial diagnosis!

Anyone else experience this?

I am so frustrated and upset.
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Not personally familiar with FNAs since I skipped that step in my thyroid journey but when you say you have a "large" nodule - how large?  Is it causing problems (choking, etc.)?  Is it calcified?  Is it solid, cystic, or "complex" (mixture of solid and cystic or fluid)?  Does it have increased vascularization?  Are your labs off?  Have they done an uptake scan?

If you have already had part of your thyroid removed for nodules and now you have nodules on the other side (including one large one) which may be suspicious, are they wanting to wait for the biopsy before discussing surgery?

I'm a bit confused too.

papillary carcinoma '03
recurrence and RAI '06 and probably '08
three sisters with papillary carcinoma (one with three recurrences/RAI)
sister with precancerous nodules
daughter with precancerous nodules
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>  I would have another FNA done regardless of who tells you what at this point.  That is my opinion along with Utah above.

WELCOME and keep us posted .. so sorry you are going thru this!

All these yrs later.

partial 1/07
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Hi Ladies,
Thanks so much for your responses.

I asked the about the size of the larger nodule and Yale did not have the size on file. Labs are not off but they did put me on a low dose of Synthroid.

No uptake scan... I had one with my last nodule problem.

They did not say anything about it being vascular, I know it's a mixture of cystic and fluid. It's causing me no physical problems aside from worry. There is also what feels to me like a swollen gland above it. Dr. said it may be irritation from the initial biopsy.

Upon examination Dr. Sosa also said my nodule "mobile and woody" like a Hashi's thyroid.

My surgery is tentatively scheduled for Jan 5 because it's easy to cancel the surgery b/c if they wait to book it Dr. Sosa is booked 6-8 weeks out. So it seems to me they are debating surgery.

I just don't know!!! :(
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Another ultrasound (with measurements and a flow study) would be a good idea.  So would an uptake scan.

If your labs aren't off then Hashi's shouldn't really be a concern - that would show up on your antibodies (even if your TSH is still in normal range).

With the nodule being complex and your labs being normal - that makes the nodule a bit more suspicious.  That may be why they are talking about the additional surgery.

Hey, I liked it so much I had it twice too.  :-)

Keep us posted and ask about additional imaging studies.

papillary carcinoma '03
recurrence and RAI '06 and probably '08
three sisters with papillary carcinoma (one with three recurrences/RAI)
sister with precancerous nodules
daughter with precancerous nodules
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