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TSH 3rd Generation is 0.19

Hi everyone,
My TSH 3rd Generation blood test is 0.19.
Can anybody out there tell me if I should be concerned?
I had breathing problema nd heart palpitation was given Xanax at the Emergency Room.
Any information is greatly appreciated.  
Thank you,
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A TSH of 0.19 is quite low, indicating hyperthyroidism.  Furthermore, breathing and heart palpitations are both symptoms of hyper.  You need further testing.  Have your doctor order free T3 (FT3) and free T4 (FT4) immediately.  You might also ask for thyroid antibody tests to confirm or rule out an autoimmune disorder.  Don't delay on this...hyperthyroidism can be dangerous.  
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Thank you very much for your information.  I don't know why my doctor says everything is okay.  I will definitely follow-up.  Thanks again.
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Are you currently on thyroid meds?  0.19 is indicative of hyperthyroid.  I agree with goolara that you need further testing.  

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