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TSH 8.8 too high?

I had a TSH test performed six months ago and was told that it was normal, even though I am fatigued over 50% of the time and have other related symptoms of hypothyroidism.  When I recently asked what the actual result was I was told 8.8.  Is a TSH of 8.8 normal even though the most recent range proposed is from .3 to 3.0?  
I have undergoing treatment for Adult ADD using stimulants and felt more energized but had to stop due to other side effects.  Could my poor memory and inattention be due to a thyroid issue?
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Your TSH is definitely high.  You are correct about the normal range.  8.8 has never been considered to be in the "normal" range, even with the obsolete standards.  Have you had free T3 and free T4 bloodwork done?  If so, please post, otherwise you should have it done along with an updated TSH ASAP. All the symptoms you list could be due to hypothyroidism.
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I can't understand why they told you that 8.8 is normal, most members here go by T3 and T2, If you have the remaining test results, post them here and members will be able to give you a better idea as to your readings, I have Hashimoto's and my TSH was just over 6.0,  Some labs and Md's still go by outdated results of 5.0 range being normal, but the new standards are around 3.0, in either case your TSH is high, which would indicate your thyroid output is low, meaning your thyroid is underactive.Good Luck FTB4
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I have heard that many doctors won't treat unless the TSH is over 10.  Is this correct?
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I have not heard of that but I am fairly new to this, I was informed I had Hashi's in early January, are you seeing an Endocrinologist or a GP? If your MD will not treat you with 8.8, then its time to find another Doctor. FTB4
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It's hard to know about treatment unless you know your T3 and T4.  If you're both symptomatic and your TSH is 8.8, and FT3 and FT4 support it, you should be treated.  Google" hypothyroid symptoms" and bring the checklist to your doctor with you.
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I agree with the answers above!  My Dr. started my Levoxyl when my TSH hit 8.2.
Many hypos here complain of "brain fog".
In my search for the perfect Dr., I found that many do not know how to treat thyroid disorders.  Several were brave enough to admit, "I don't know how to treat this."

Find a new Dr.  You can ask for a copy of your labs and take them with you.  It saves a lot of time, money, and needle sticks.
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