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Test results....confused

Comments: I am a 40 year old female with fatique, brain fog,
depression, sleepiness, cold all the time (low body temp),  lack of
energy for over 1 year and had some labwork done to check my thyroid
and ferritin levels.

My CBC with differential was all normal range but my other #'s are
concerning me. I also have a low calcium 8.5  normal range 8.6-10.2  I
had a parathyroid removed in June 2007 for hyperparathyroidism but my
levels have been normal ever since then.

My  PCP says that my tests are all fine...but after doing research
online, I am reading differently.

I am basically asking her to order all the tests for me as she is
saying this is anxiety.

I would love some feedback/opinions and know whether I should see an
endocrinologist or hematologist.


TSH, 3RD GENERATION 0.45  range 0.40-4.50
T3, FREE 292    range230-420
T4, FREE 1.1    range0.8-1.8

IRON, TOTAL 81 mcg/dL   range 40-175

IRON BINDING CAPACITY 244 mcg/dL (LOW) range250-450

% SATURATION 33 % (calc) range 15-50

FERRITIN 31 ng/mL range 10-232

Thanks in advance
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Your Ferritin is too low for a female. You need to get that higher.  Thyroid labs are good, but your calcium level is too low! Low calcium can make you sick sick sick! Are you taking high dosage of calcium with the right ration of vit d3 for absorption?
I would run quick from any Dr that wants to tag you with anxiety because they are too lazy to figure out what is wrong! Look up the symptoms of low calcium.
You deserve better care.....
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Thanks Laura for your advice!  I feel the same way. Dr's are saying my ferritin is ok since my hematocrit is within range. I have learned that low ferritin is iron deficiency and the hematocrit will not go below range until I am anemic....don't want that to happen!

I did start taking a really good calcium vitamin. I am very familiar with low/high calcium since I did lots of research when my calcium was high due to a bad parahtyroid gland, which I had removed 3 years ago.

It is so frustrating to have to do all this research myself and to find a dr. who will take the time to listen to my symptoms and do the appropriate tests to find out what is wrong!!
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