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The hospital just cancelled my surgery!!!

There isn't a bed for me after my surgery,so they just cancelled it..... 15 hours beforehand.  I am LIVID.
My mother just drove 8 hours to be here....my office hired a temp....luckily I caught my  HR person before she went home so she didn't enter my medical leave tomorrow....I stopped taking medicine a week ago...had all my bloodwork....and they wait until the last minute???????  
She says, "We won't cancel you a second time."  I said, "Well, that's VERY reassuring."  
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OMG, I am soooooo sorry.  I can't believe they would do that.  I would be BEYOND pissed.  
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With any luck they will call soon and ask if you can be ready in four hours or something like that, as a couple of beds have opened up.

Unfortunately, there are only so many beds. It's very disappointing, I'm sure, but ultimately it is beyond their control.
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I think you are better off - They probabaly didn't want to make the call to cancel you to begin with. The hospitol could of played that "stick her somewhere" game so they didn't look bad and where would you have been?

Sitting in the basement for an hour til they clean the next room?? NAAAAAAAA I don't think so !!!!

I think it was a bold move on the hospitols part to suck a little crow on this and call. I feel bad that you are inconvienced - and your mom - bless her heart -

I think them calling was honorable.  Just make sure you are not off those meds to long or for so long - stay on top of that doctor and find out what is going on.

Hope your job understands. That had to of been a little hard for you to call them :(
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That's a bummer. With any luck you will be rescheduled soon! Hang in there.  
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Did they give you any idea as to when they'd be calling you back to schedule?  I mean, how long does your mom have to wait around?

I don't blame you for being upset.  You've spent the last however long stressing about it, and now this.  But, I'm a true believe in "things happen for a reason".  I just hope that they don't make you wait around too long.

We're here for you when you want to vent!  Keep us posted.....

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Holy Cow!!!! Are you serious!!!  Bless your heart!  AR is right, maybe they will call.

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That's awful, but don't feel alone.

I flew in to be with my mother when she was about to have a procedure done.  We woke at 4:30am to get ready and drive to the hospital.  Once there, she dressed, had the blood and prep work done and we waited. Then in comes someone to tell us it was cancelled - oh.  It was rescheduled a week later.  I could stay but had to leave soon after.

Like said above, it's probably for the best.  I hope it all works out for you.
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I'm so, so sorry!   Argh - if *we* cancel our appointments at the last minute we get charged - maybe you should charge them too.  Grrrrrr
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Wow, people on here must be a lot more tolerant than I am.  I would have called everyone and their mother at the hospital to make them find a way to make it work.  I think it is inhuman to schedule a surgery that someone is nervous about, has family coming in for, etc... then cancel it.  
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It's the "worst flu outbreak on record" here, according to the hospital.  My surgeon called this evening and said it's the second TT they've canceled on him this week.  They told him they had 14 people in the ER waiting for beds, and no beds available.

I understand that, I'm not inhuman.....but they could have called me MUCH earlier than this.  Heck, I called THEM at 1:30 this afternoon to find out what time I was scheduled for - and they said nothing.  

It's the timing that has me the most ticked off - there was an article in our local paper last week about how full the hospital is and how they were canceling "elective surgeries," so they have had plenty of forewarning and should have made better decisions - and made them sooner.  "Elective," my giant Irish arse....it's not like I'm having my chest enhanced, for the love of all that is holy!!

Tomorrow the surgeon's schedule person will call me to re-schedule.  He said it's a tricky one due to the length (4+ hours) and who assists him. I just hope they don't make me wait weeks.  I, too, believe everything happens for a reason, but the anticipation and anxiety may get the best of me!  

Thanks for all the kind words and support - they are much appreciated.  I had a good cry, swore a blue streak, fussed and yelled, and I feel a little better.  =)
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Oh - my mom is leaving in the morning to go back home. She will be able to salvage a couple of days of her time off to use when I actually have my surgery.  I love my mom.  =)

My office is happy, as the temp they hired has proven pretty difficult to train...so they are hoping for a different one when I go out "for real."  
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I sure hope you didn't think I was saying you are inhuman.  I meant the hospital!  I have nothing but sympathy for you and your mom.  

I'm glad you're feeling better about it.  I wish you the very best of luck and hope everything goes well for you!!
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Oh no, I didn't think that at all!!  The word in your post must have stuck in my brain, that's all. It was a perfect word choice, I must admit!  =)

I appreciate your kind thoughts and wishes!!  
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Actually it may be a blessing in disguise.  I'm now onto round #2 with this flu (different strain - just to keep things interesting) and I have to say that with either of them (the bronchitis stuff last month or the nausea/body aches I have now) it would make major surgery that much more difficult.

Maybe they can free up some beds, disinfect the hospital, and get you in.  Last thing you need is to get the flu in recovery!   (Yikes)
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Just have to add....working in the ER I've had to give the "there's no beds" speech, and it just makes you feel like the world's worst person. This flu season has been awful and I'm pretty sure it's bad all over. I'm in St. Louis and I know all the local hospitals have had the same problems. And yet 3 hospitals have closed here in the last 5 years. Makes no sense to me.

Just the same, I'd be REALLY ticked off myself.
Good Luck!
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I still think it is better that they made the attempt at every last chance they could for you and honorable called stating the truth.

The flu outbreak and the shortage of nurses in this country is going to effect alot of these kind of situations.

I sure wouldn't want a "fly by the seat of your pants" situation happen to me - if I was scheduled for this kind of surgery.............. or any medical procedure for that matter.

Keep us informed on the new date - Good Luck
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The other thing is you do not want to get the flu by being put in a closet or medical ward vs a surgical bed ... the worst thing is to cough/sneeze after thyroid surgery; so , maybe the germs will settle down in the hosp a bit, too.

I am so sorry for your anxiety and that your mom had put herself and her work at jeopardy to be with you and you get canceled with such short notice. That is just awful for you emotionally, too.  I can just imagine how it impacted you .. we are so nervous to begin with and then not even another date yet .. grrrrrrrrrrr

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Did they call you yet?
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First, thanks so much for the support - it really helped me through a truly wretched day/night!  
I spoke to my surgeon's office yesterday afternoon, and the earliest they can get me in is April 7. Three weeks from Monday.  I am disgusted.  She will call me if something turns up sooner to see if I can take it.
Fracking hospital sent me a plant today to 'thank me for my understanding."  I wanted to throw it in their faces.  =)  I hate looking at it - it just makes me angry.  
So, I will take it to my neighbor this weekend.  He's going through another round of chemo and could use the cheering up.  

My mom's work really surprised her - if she picks up an extra shift this week, they'll give her her time back.  That was really lovely.  

Thanks again, gang, you're the best!  
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Hope the time flys by.

I know it's an annoying reminder but it was nice they at least made a token amends.  It's sweet that you want to give it to your neighbor.

That's great news about your mom's work.  There's another positive.
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So sorry your surgery was cancelled.  I'm sure they will reschedule soon.  

My mom had surgery, the doctor performed the surgery, although there was no rooms available, after surgery they transferred her to another local hospital.  

I do know hospitals work on the severity of each surgery, and try to keep rooms availble for emergency surgeries, they are priority.  Reason alot of surgeries get re-rescheduled.  It happened to me once, and the surgeon had explained this to me, and I understood.  
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