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Thyroglobulin antibodies & Thyroglobulin

My thyroglobulin antibodies  was 18 IU/ml on July '07 and now
it is 37 IU/ml on the 13th Feb '08.

I have since had 27mci RAI on the 14th Feb..

My  Tg was <1 or undetectable (suppressed)  on July '07
and now it is Tg  3.0 ug./l ( unsuppressed) on 13th Feb '08..

Comment- The presence of anti-thyroglobulin antibodies may cause
falsely low thyroglobulin results, including undetectable thyroglobulin results

The thyroglobulin antibodies has doubled in the last 6 months, does this mean anything?
Or is this quite normal?

I had scintiscan of my head and chest I was told by my endo that I had clean scan..

3 x pap micro cancers
RAI - 27mci 14th Feb 08
TT  June 07

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Surely someone must know..
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Surely someone must know..
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I'm not ignoring you Justin - I just don't know.  I don't have the antithyroglobulin antibodies.  Come on folks - anyone know??
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How are you feeling? I keep thinking of you whenever I log on, because you were my first friend and only one who invited me to be a friend. How is your dog?
I just had my tt on tuesday and I am feeling pretty miserable. I have to get my children to help me more. My husband had to go back to work.
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About all I could find is this.

"When a patient has TgAb detected, it is not unusual to see a temporary rise in the TgAb level during the first six months following radioiodine therapy. This may even be a sign of the effectiveness of the treatment. Usually, TgAb values return to the original value or below after six months."

I can't find anything about rising TGab between surgery and RAI. Almost everything I read is about studies five or ten years later.
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TgAb can only be present or rise if thyroid tissue is present. Recent studies have shown that patients with TgAb and who have Well Differentiated Thyroid Cancer any rise TgAb is abnormal and TgAb is a better marker than Thyroglobulin. FOLLOW UP you may have a recurrence.
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Thanks the comment.. Its been a year since I have posted this question..
My lastest Tg done was <1 or undetectable in March and my endo told me I have negative thyroid antibodies, which is good sign?

Latest ultrasound found some residual thyroid tissue which I assume that is dead or non-functioning.
Perhaps I should find out what negative thyroid antibodies mean?

How things going for you?
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