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Thyroid biopsy/removal

Hello, It has been a while.  Went to Pittsburgh for exam, then a few days later for needle biopsy of the nodules on my goiter. awaiting results later in the week.  Doctor stated quite possible thyroid removal may be in my near future.  I am wondering what to expect with this, I have heard things about being quite tired and needing to get my meds adjusted.  Would anyone know how much time I would need off work, I am a high school teacher. What should I expect discomfort wise?  Comments, suggestions, advice, all welcome...thank you
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Hi there. Hopefully soon you will have your results back and hopefully they are good ones.
  If you have to have your thyroid out, generally it is an overnight stay in hospital,. Some people need a little longer, depending on their individual recovery time. It does take up to 2 weeks to feel comfortable enough to drive or do any housework etc. The neck feels a little stiff for a couple of weeks, making you look like you are wearing a neck brace as you move about.
  The tiredness etc is a hard one to answer as every person reacts differently. I slept almost sitting up for a few weeks to alleviate the constant re-adjusting of my head position. That was after my 2nd surgery. The first one I tried to sleep 'normally' and found I kept waking up.
  The issue of medication immediately after surgery or to wait a few weeks for the natural levels to go down is one you need to discuss with the doctor. Taking meds too early if you are already slightly hyper will only be detrimental to you. If hypo to start with it will be a good thing!
  I would say that provided you feel ok a week after surgery, you could go back to work. Take it easy and no yelling at the kids and you should be fine!
  If you need to know any more don't hesitate to ask!
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