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Waiting waiting waiting....

I am sitting in the radiology waiting room waiting for my scan. Lucky for me they have a computer with internet as I forgot my book in the truck.It has been almost 45 minutes since I checked in and I am still wating waiting waiting....
I look very pretty today.Too bad they taking pictures of my outside instead of my insides. LOL
I figugured I have radiated half of the waiting room by now.
So I will give it another 10 minutes before I start haranging the receptionist.
I will let you all know how the scan turns out.
Love Venora
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Well about 10 minutes later they called me to do the scan. and guess what. they didnt see anything cause the RAI was showing in my stomach so i get to do the scan all over tomorrow. I really dont see how anything could stay in my stomach that long as I have IBS with the diarrhea variant.Stuff shoots through me faster than the proverbial $##T throught the goose.He told me to drink lots more water and pee,pee,pee, ha I said I have already drank the equivalent of the Ohio and MississippiNow do you wnat me to drink the gulf of Mexico too and he said YEP!! ugghhhhSo have consumed more water than I ever thought possible and I am off to drink more.
the saga continues.
Love Venora
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Love ya V!  Please don't drink the Gulf of Mexico, I am going to Florida next week and need the water to be there for my kids sake!  LOL - Hugs to you dear - Hey, next time, just go sit in a chair right next to the receptionist and I bet they get you in faster so she won't go home glowing!  Much love and take care! ~Kim
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Gulf of Mexico it will be tomorrow .. so so sorry .. so sweet of you to think of US in the waiting room .. WOW!!!! C~
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Yeah it was cool they had a computer to log onto.When I got back to the truck 2 hours later I found I had brought the wrong book any way hahaha So now its back to peepeepee.LOL I kinda wish I had asked for a catheter and a bag. Haha.As long as I am knocked and dont know when they are putting it I dont mind Its kinda cool not having to get up to go pee all the time.(This is from an IBS person who has spent 3/4 of her life on the toilet) I know that the gods were trying be efficient when they created us but I just feel like they could have come up with a better way to recycle and dont give us IBS.
Mommy I promise not to drink all of the gulf of Mexico till after your vacation I guess I could work on some of the rivers and lakes here in Oklahoma.We have had alot of rain so I dont thin k they will miss a few gallons a day.LOL
WEll It was fun to be able to post to you guys in the waiting roomand guess what they have a really cool dvd player you can watch while you are getting scanned and the tech said I could bring my Eagles in conert dvd to play while I am getting scanned.Cool huh?
So I guess I have rambled on enough I hope my computer doesnt screw up this post.
We are gatting wifi on the 29th and I pray that its an improvemnet over this earthlink dial up. I love living in the country but I would give my eyeteeth for cox cable internet.
So Love you guys I am off to pee. hehehehehehehehe!!!!!!!!
Love Venora.
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Hey V!  When I had my treatment dose then again when I had my scan dose I had to come back the next day too 'cause I was still too "glowing" to show anything.  What they were looking for (they explained after making me get four scans of the spot in my head) was to see if things flushed out of were there attacking something suspicious.   They also explained that if there is bleeding it will glow too (do you have an ulcer??)

Log on and let us know!   I've found that Saturdays at hospitals are quite nice - I didn't have anyone else to wait for - I was a VIP.  Hope that's happening for you tomorrow too.  :-)
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WEll that is good to know I thought maybe I was weird or something.I dont have ulcers Just raging IBS and I dont think rAI has helped any in that regard. Now I am thinking I will probably have to get my septic tank pumped after all this double flushing.Could that be considered a medical expense? And do I tell them its nuclear waste? Should I put a radiation sticker over my tank so it can be disposed of properly?  I am rambleing I know Blame on the full moon and RAI side effects Note to self. Never get RAI during the full moon.
Love Venora
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You might have some uptake in your stomach because of a small area of spread there - or it could just be all of the activity from the IBS (but I would think that would affect your intestines more on an uptake scan).  Could just be you like getting scanned over and over again like, apparently my head did.  :-)

Yeah, put a nuclear sticker on it (and your toilet too), get yourself a Geiger counter and a hazmat suit, wrap the house in "danger, nuclear contamination" tape, and call a good personal injury attorney (or a talk show).  Hey, I know, send pictures to Oprah and let her know what REAL thyroid patients go through!  :-)

Have fun with the scan tomorrow.  I considered it a nice nap.  Hey, I've gotten so used to medical procedures that I can actually sleep through and MRI.  Maybe I'll send *that* to Oprah with your photos.  LOL


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