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Weight Gain

The weight wont come off! I had surgery 12/18 and have been working out even before surgery, and the weight wont come off if anything the scale just keeps going up. Was thinking about going back on Ww which work very good for me four years ago! Any suggestion
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Thanks Ladies! Just got my lab back today and she is raising the dose to 135,Iam still trying to understand what the third generation tsh means ! my is at 14.5, i know this will be a journey with highs and iam sure with more lows. But iam a firm believer that god puts things in your life for a reason.
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See if the Doc will put you on 75mcg...
Just a thought.
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I am in the same boat.  I still have my thyroid but have been hypo for several years now.  The last time I joined WW I did really well and lost weight in spite of being hypo.  Then I went through some rough family emotional issues and stopped going almost two years ago.  Fortunately I only gained back a few of the pounds I had lost.  I rejoined WW about a month ago and this time I am having a HARD time losing.  The doc is in the process of adjusting my Levo and I'm guessing this is the reason why.  She had me on 100 mcg. which was helping me lose weight like crazy but the hyper symptoms just got to be too much.  So I went back to 50 and now am having trouble losing.  I just had new labs and see her next week.  I am guessing she will probably raise it from the 50 but I am praying not back to 100 because I felt horrible there.

Good luck, I know first hand how frustrating it is to be sticking to the WW plan and still not losing.  I am starting to really hate going to the meetings because I feel like such a failure when I get on the scales but in my mind I know I stuck to the plan.  
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Its still early days for you.
The weight wont come off until the TSH is at a good level and the Free's are at a good level too.
Once you have your levels stabilised, the weight will start to come off.
It took me 12 months before I noticed weight loss.
I would lose 5lbs and then gain 6lbs....a see-saw for a while.
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