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Weight Gain

I was diagnosed with a thyroid condition two years ago. Since my diagnosis I have gained twenty pounds while eating healthy. I

Two years ago I was told I had an enlarge thyroid and thyroid nodules. After routine blood tests I was diagnosed as Hypothyroid. I was given 100 mg synthroid , I was losing weight and felt better. However after 6 months I had to reduce my meds to 88mg. This is when my problem began. I started to get symptoms, exhaustion, and weight
gain. One and half years later  and many adjustments to my medications, I am still gaining weight. My  doctor put me on
88 mg. synthroid 6 days a week and 5mg. cytomel twice a day. I have more energy but I am still gaining weight. Any suggestions? I really am getting frustrated by this dieting and weight gain.

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Thanks for your response. The information was very helpful. Will start checking my temperature.
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You really need to know why the doctor has prescribed those dosage levels.  What blood tests were run and what were the actual results?  The most important test, in my opinion is free T3, followed by free T4 and then maybe TSH.  If your doc is just using TSH to determine your meds, and not increasing your free T3 level necessary to alleviate your symptoms, then you are either going to have to work with the doc to improve knowledge of thyroid problems, or if that doesn't work, find a doc who understands thyroid problems and how to properly dose a patient.  Another way to find out your current state, that I like to recommend, is to check your temperature several times a day for several days and compare the average to the optimal of 98.6.   If you are sig. below 98.6, it is a further indication of being hypo t still and needing more medication.  
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