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What Thyroid disease do I have?? Test Results!!

Blood test results:  Oct. 5th   TSH 3.4      (Took 50 mcg Thyroxine for 11 days from Oct. 5th to Oct. 16th. On Oct.
                                                             13th had severe chest pains, night sweats,rapid weight loss, and stopped
                                                               eating that lasted till the 30th and had to stop taking it.)
                           Oct. 24th  TSH 2.0
                                           FT4 1.49

                           Nov. 18th  TSH 2.35
                                           FT4 1.09
                                           Thyroglobulin AB 138   (ref: 0-40)
                                            Peroxidase AB    22   (ref: 0-34)

                            Dec. 4th  Thyroid Ultrasound shoed Multi-Nodular Goiter

                            Dec. 15th  TSH 2.25
                                            FT4 1.01
                                      Total T3 112
                                       Thyroglobulin AB 147
                                        Peroxidase AB    29
Can't get in to see the Endocrinologist till Feb. 13th.  I can't find any info on why my TGAB would be so high while everything else is normal. Also been getting red rashes on center of chest so hot that it causes welts and I have to put ice on it and then it completly goes away after a few hrs. Has anyone experienced this?
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The Thyroglobulin AB show you positive for Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroid Disease. Start reading up on it and the symptoms that go along with it. Hopefully your endo will be well versed on this...most are not. It will be very important to keep your levels optimal for you and not just "normal range" Most people feel best with their TSH around a .50-1.0, Free T4 mid normal range and Free T3 levels at least mid normal range. At the beginning of the disease it is not uncommon to swing hyper at times as well, until you start losing thyroid function. If it was me I would ask to try the lowest dosage possible of .25 mcg and see if you feel a little better....then make sure you get retested in 8 weeks. Don't let your doctor say "see you in 6 months"....you need to have follow up done every 3 months for a while so you don't lose control of your levels!  Staying ahead of the drops will help you to manage symptoms.
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Thanx for the info. I was worried because everyone that has Hashi's seem to have TgAB and TpoAB evevated where as mine is just my TgAB. I guess I will be ok to wait 2 months for the Endo? My throat skin is hot and sooo itchy!
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Most people actually only show positive for one or the other tests for Hashi's. I myself only test positive for the one and not the other.
I would make sure that when you go and see your new endo, that you get new labs done.
I take Allegra for my allergies and seem to handle it very well....might help with the itchy feeling.
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The 50 mcg dose may be too high for you, or you could be reacting to the fillers/binders in the medication.  You could try splitting your pills in 1/2 for a while and see if that helps with the rash, if not, you should ask for a different brand of medication.

While some people have both the antibodies for Hashimoto's, many of us only have one or the other. I agree that you are positive for Hashi's.
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