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Where to turn from here?

(Exercise intolerance, lack of interest in social/activities, anxiety, irritable, hopelessness, dry skin, weight gain, hoarseness, IBS like symptoms, low body temp 96.8, headaches, chronic sinusitis, goiter with small multi nodules, coarse hair, etc) All of this since my c section 9 months ago. I had an estimated blood loss of 600ml.postoperatively I was in severe pain and continued to bleed for a few hours, I became swollen and hypertensionDifficult recovery and I was given Lasix for 2.5 months until the hypertension and swelling resolved. I also stopped BC Pills and had Essure performed. So lots of changes hormonally and menstrually. I was started on SSRI's for "post partum depression", then started the dizzy spells after exercise accompanied by profuse diaphoresis, and muscle fatigue...I thought...I'm severly out of shape! I cannot lose weight no matter how I diet or exercise so I blamed the c section (My other 2 children were vaginal), I have found my depressive episodes increasing and so I have been switched around on different meds. I am having anxiety/panic attacks? out of nowhere (I can also say twice were almost complete mental breakdowns where I was ready to be admitted in a straight jacket) I do not keep up with any of the things I used to like or friends I used to keep. My cholesterol panel is increasing like never before...So finally I beg to have my thyroid checked. My levels have been checked twice 1st time TSH 0.61 and doc says its normal...so I ask to check t4 and t3 so second time TSH 0.85(0.27-4.20), Free T4 0.8(0.9-1.8), and Total T3 112(?).  U/S of thyroid (after I c/o neck stiffness) and they find my gland is enlarged and I have multi tiny nodules. Endo orders Cushings rule out 1st Cortisol 16.2 at 8am and then suppressed she said was normal but I dont know the number...so no Cushings. one more time TSH 0.60(0.27-4.20) Free T4 1.10(0.9-1.8) and Free T3 3.0(2.3-4.2) and she shrugs shoulders and says not much more to do.
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I am going back for a follow up on Monday and after doing some research am questioning the right things to ask her or tests that may be helpful. Growth Hormone Deficiency possible? Hypopituitary? Wouldn't be helpful to treat me some thyroid supplement to at least get my levels out of the low zone and see if some of these symtpoms improve? Should I push for a MRI of my pituitary? Could my c section started all of this in motion? I can't just accept that I have to live like this....Please help!
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I would look up Sheehan's syndrome. It can happen in childbirth and from there I would look up a pituitary doctor - neuro-endo at a pituitary center and after you get copies of all your tests, move on to a competent doctor.

I would push for competent care and more testing.
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